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Yesterday, Deadpool received its rating. The character will at long last be getting his own film in 2016 with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the Merc with the Mouth.The fate of Deadpool's rating hanged in the balance since the film was confirmed. It has been speculated that this X-Men spin-off film would be PG-13. The idea of Deadpool being PG-13 has not sit well with fans as many feel the movie would be better with an R rating. However yesterday fan's greatest fears came true as Ryan Reynolds stated that the movie would be getting a PG-13 rating; or did it? In a creative move, Joblo released a quick video with Ryan Reynolds; who updated viewers on Deadpool's production. The video seemed to be a normal interview, that was until Deadpool showed up in the studio and attacked Mario Lopez. This was followed by Reynolds/Deadpool confirming that the movie would in fact be rated R.

No doubt this confirmation has Deadpool's fans leaping for joy. With an R rating, many believe that Deadpool will be able to have an adaption that is worthy of the character. Yet I cannot help but wonder: does Deadpool's rating really matter? If Deadpool ended up being PG-13, would it have taken away the best qualities that make the Merc with the Mouth? Prior to announcement of the R rating, Ryan Reynolds tweeted the following statement:

If Reynold's statement was true, I actually would have been content with a PG-13 rating for Deadpool. While the character would certainly strive in a R rated environment, I feel that the movie being PG-13 would not take away from the concepts that make Deadpool great. As long as the film featured over the top action and a great sense of humor, then in my opinion: Deadpool would have been successful regardless of its rating.

So that being said, do I have problem with Deadpool being rated R? The answer is definite no. The fact of the matter is Deadpool's R rating is fitting for the character. Granted I feel that the reason for the R rating deals with the movie's action oppose to its language or its raunchy comedy. If the test footage for Deadpool was any indication, it shows that movie is going to have a crazy sense of violence to it; so it only makes sense for the film's action to be the X factor in Deadpool's rating. Now with the movie being rated R, Deadpool can have action that is brutal as well as creative. Combine that the with movie's sense of humor, and this film is looking like a worthy adaption to Deadpool.

With Deadpool arriving in the theaters next year, we can be sure to see more updates on the way. However, for the moment, fans can be at ease that their favorite mercenary's solo film will be rated R. How this rating will work in the movie's favor remains to be seen. Yet we definitely can be sure that the filmmakers will not let this R rating go to waste.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.


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