ByJustin William Moore, writer at
major stargate fan as well as star trek

a world to live in if i had to pick a world that would be hard. i would wanna go thourgh the stargate and see atlantis and other worlds. who wouldnt wana see a city built by the ancients millions of years ago. in the words of general o'neil "people who go through the gate are whacked,those who dont are as equally as whacked" . how can not resist going through a stargate , sounds fun. my second choice would be united federation of planets from star trek i would see ds9 and the enterprise and visit every world there i can and avoid the bad guys (borg,dominion,tholians,etc.) . in those two realitys theres enough to satisfy me for several life times . i wish above all else ic ould contribute in a good way in either universe , like help defeat the system lords or repel the borg . either one would be nice.


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