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Alright, yesterday was not exactly the best day for genuine news to break. For example, there was a false [Deadpool](movie:38663) announcement that the movie would be Rated PG-13, and people were so disappointed that the Deadpool folks had to come out and personally confirm that the movie would, in fact be Rated R.

So, as a disclaimer, let's recall that yesterday was April Fool's Day, which means that this news may need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Not long ago, I was in the midst of my daily Twitter scrolling routine, when I saw this rather interesting Tweet happen across my Twitter feed.

I grew optimistic, because the date on Crofford's tweet is today's date--ie, not postmarked as yet another cruel April Fools lie to break my poor nerdy heart. When I went to follow the link, however, the date clearly says April 1.

Worse yet, there was a picture of a tweet that, when I checked on the actual X-Men movie page, is nowhere to be found.

So, naturally, I decided to play it off, and let it go; the evidence seemed to confirm that the costume, despite how awesome the idea would be, was most likely no more than just a hoax: a cleverly plausible rumor, and a well-placed Photoshop.

^ Hope? Or masterful deception?
^ Hope? Or masterful deception?

Yet, if I turn out to have been fooled by this potential masterstroke of playful pranking prowess, then I can have some comfort, at least, in not being the only one. Though the dubious news has yet to hit viral status, there seems to be at least two news outlets that seem to have some faith in its viability:

International Business Times


Comic Book Movie:

Each of whom has been known to get the news right on a regular basis.

"In old age, thought I'd NEVER see that costume!"
"In old age, thought I'd NEVER see that costume!"

So, what do you think? Is this all just the residual leftovers of National Don't-Believe-Anything-Anyone-Says Day? Did somebody come across a great piece of Photoshopped fan art and mistake it for genuine news (or even purposely fake the 'shop, as a stroke of cruel April Fools trolling genius)?

Or, have the other news outlets just been slow to the draw? In the midst of all of yesterday's pranking madness, and then the awesome (true) announcement of Deadpool's official R Rating, did we all lose out on another genuine FOX X-Men Universe scoop, pertaining to our favorite resident Canadian mutant butt-kicker?

Let us know what you think, in the poll and comments below!


Whaddya Think, Bub? April Fool's Day Hoax, or Late Breaking X-Men News?


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