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Already seen the marvel attempt of daredevil where ben afflex (luckily our new caped crusader) crucified his attempt on the mind of comic lovers but after spiderman's arc (my previous article) have an insight to the world of fearless and its boundaries.

lets start with a boogey men having its fear inside the heart of street thugs crushing their neck chocking their throat. Gained its reputation from sluggish attempt of a man "who can see danger." lets disclosed this even for our fans also but they know what's the actual meaning of this line.

Its put pressure on local thugs and all to cover up themselves under someone secure them also. Here comes the myth from Japan about a mystical hand who supports a mafia king and do whatever the mafiaking wants.

Who is this hand is an intelligent question because our daredevil doesn't deal with magic and comic world so point to note the hand is a group of ninjas and also an awesome villain of daredevil. But this cat and mouse chase unbalancing the equation on streets. And this pissed of someone really bad who was their long enough before this "boogeyman" . While somewhere else a BLIND lawyer matt murdock keep fighting in with this hell's kitchen condition and trying to place the interest of people back on crime instead boogeyman. but as we mentioned someone was also lying in the darkness and maintaining the equilibrium between good and bad for a long time hiding between the people. he was working silently for a long time to catch the real men behind the whole mafia world but this matt murdock ruined his plans or will ruined his work of all those years. He has his new motive to find the who has there own set of rules which is quite far away from the one known as PUNISHER because he knows these chocked throat split the poison on the streets. Then the lord "KINGPIN" has to come out with his hand so before that better to stop that boogymen .

Punisher tried to kick out daredevil so do some social work and his work ethics also proved him someone from mafia side. This epic fight will take a while to came to conclusion that the equilibrium is already shifted towards disaster. Better to clean the streets as fast as possible because that throat is already starts spilling the poison over whole city. Here comes something in front of matt murdock that the person in his cases is same someone behind the curtain handling mafia.

From here the joint venture of daredevil and Punisher started to stop hand before they make them villains by killing all the bureaucrats over the city. Somehow the knots started open and the myth from japan "HAND" started taking shape by killing those people. At the end punsiher and daredevil saved the most important from them and solved the mystery of hand by killing them brutally ( R-Rated because its Punisher so expect a lots of violence guntaka action and martial art both- something really Epic ) and they saved and handover that important bureaucrat to Police with a message in his hand explaining everything and signed by ( first time use in the movie) DAREDEVIL and marked by a skull.

the end

suddenly guards itself pointed their guns to bureaucrat but someone fired from very far and laughed heavily "bull's eye" and the other standing behind him telling him "you don't need to do this i got that......i know how to control the puppets. "

and those guards were screaming that they don't know about this or didn't remember. Mayor died in morning news and matt murdock listening this with a shock.


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