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Children's movies have no limit. After 11 years since the first movie, spongebob is back again with the sequel plus with a 3D live action

Synopsis: Krusty Krab, where SpongeBob works and are known for the Krabby Patty, have lost its secret formula. Mr. Crab accused plankton stole whereas the formula was gone by itself. Finally Spongebob and friends adventure to find the missing secret formula.

Do not expect too much from children's movie and adaptation from television series. The humor of the film is still the same as the cartoon series.

For storyline, it is still very simple because this movie basically is a children's movie. For the 3D scenes where Spongebob was out of the water, I think there are plus and minus sides. The plus side is the graph of a good 3D and looks very real. The minus side is the scenes are too much. What I mean by too much is a scene that is very absurd and too forced to be funny. Although those scenes are the climax of the story, I just saw some random scenes boring.

Actually, this film cannot to be missed for fans of Spongebob

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