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Toho is set to bring the King of the Monsters back once again. Anno Hideaki and Shinji Higuchi are set to spearhead the new film, which will see a release in Japanese theaters next year. This is great news for fans as the pair are extremely talented cinematic artists and life long friends with a great passion for Godzilla.

Anno Hideaki is best known for creating Neon Genesis Evangelion. He is also the founder of the Gainax animation studio.

Shinji Higuchi, on the other hand, is best known as the special effects director of the Gamera Trilogy. He is also helming and overseeing the visual effects for the upcoming live action Attack on Titan movies.

Anno was offered to direct a new Godzilla film in January 2013. Although he declined the offer it was enthusiasm from his close friend Shinji Higuchi that eventually convinced him to take the reigns on the project. The outline for the movie was submitted to Toho in June 2013, meaning it has been in the works for over a year before the Gareth Edwards film was even release.

Hideaki and Higuchi will share directorial duties; Hideaki will act as chief director and Higuchi will mostly focus on special effects.

Below, you can see the first real teaser of Godzilla 2016 with a heavily detailed foot imprinted against a plain white backdrop. Referred to as the greatest and worst nightmare by Higuchi, this incarnation will be bigger and badder than the Legendary version of the classic Kaiju.

You can even check out a video of the official announcement made on Japanese TV:

Godzilla 2016 will be released in Japan next summer!

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