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It's the Final Countdown!

I decided to enter this contest as something fun to do as a countdown until Easter

5. Wakanda What? Iron Man 2

As you can see, Wakanda is highlighted on the map, along with some where in the middle of the ocean. This was a hint that Marvel had a bigger plan after The Avengers, and even after Avengers 2. Back to the one in the middle of the ocean, this points to none other than Namor! Extra Tidbit: Why weren't Black Panther and Namor in the Avengers. They each had to handle things in their own. AKA Inhumans surfacing. To quote Captain Lance, "It's funny how things come full circle.

4. Cap Clock, Cap Clock, Cap Clock, Iron Man 2

Try saying that five times fast. Iron Man 2, while one of the worst MCU entrees, pointed to several more MCU films, including Captain America and Thor. When Tony picks of the Shield clock when he was making the new element, he says "This is exactly what I need." This implies that he is exactly what Tony needs to jumpstart the Avengers Initiative. But, as we know, he was told "I didn't even qualify" Extra Tidbit: Half looks like Cap's Shield, the other looks like an Arc Reactor, and the middle looks like a SHIELD containment shell. Have they known about Civil War since the beginning?

3. Strange Occurences Captain America: The Winter Soldier

When Cap, Falcon, and Widow corner Jasper Sitwell, he names several targets that Project: Insight is targeting, one of the numerous names that he says is Stephen Strange a.k.a. Doctor Strange, our resident Sorcerer Supreme (what what) Extra Tidbit: When Jasper Sitwell betrayed SHIELD for Hydra, that certainly didn't Sitwell with audiences

2. Beastly Cameo X2

Although Kelsey Grammer's performance in X-Men: The Last Stand (and the film itself) was unsatisfying, this brief cameo really excited me, as Beast is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and my favorite mutant (tied with Scarlet Witch) This let us know the universe was about to introduce some fan favorite characters Extra Tidbit: Than was a very McCoy reference

2. J. Jonah Strangerson

Bet this one slipped over your head. In Spider-Man 2, when trying to think of a catchy name to call Otto Octavious, these exact words are said

J. Jonah Jameson: [talking about Otto Octavius] What are we gonna call this guy?
Hoffman: Doctor Octopus?
J. Jonah Jameson: That’s crap.
Hoffman: Science Squid?
J. Jonah Jameson: Crap!
Hoffman: Doctor Strange?
J. Jonah Jameson: That’s pretty good… [Hoffman smiles in acceptance] But it’s taken! …Wait, wait! I got it! Doctor Octopus.

Extra Tidbit: Hoffman could be a reference to David Hasslehoff, Guy who played Nick Fury. Maybe not, but this one could work

Honorable Mentions

1. Max's cake references original Electro costume

2. Spidey references Superman and Shazam- after seeing a crane to test his webbing out on he shouts phrases such as “Go, web!”, “Fly!”, “Up, up and away, web!”, “Shazam!”, “Go!”, and “Go, web, go!” , trying to make the webbing shoot out, beforefiguring out the wrist action which activates it.

3. Mr Freeze in TDKR: After Bruce leaves Wayne Manor after locking himself away, he goes down to visit Lucius Fox at , a visit that inspires Fox to say something along the lines of, “So you've come out of your cryo-sleep.” This could very well be a hint at Victor Fries, who puts his wife in cryo-sleep in the comics so that he can have more time to find out the cure to the disease that’s killing her.

4. Shocker TASM- When Spider-Man is swinging on his webs, a yellow and Maroon jacket is hanging on a clothesline. This references Shocker, a classic Spidey villain

Extra Tidbit: Lot's of Spider-Eggs that didn't make the cut

1. Batman vs Superman: The Legend Continues

This is less of an easter egg and more of an insane coincidence. In I am Legend, the billboard on the left has a Batman symbol with a Superman logo in front of it. This is my favorite because it is insanely cool. Extra Tidbits: This is an insane coincidence, I say for the third time. It's almost as if Warner Bros has an Oracle on their team.

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