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Before Stepbrothers, there was Drake & Josh.

Move over, Brennan and Dale.
Move over, Brennan and Dale.

This hilarious Nickelodeon show featured two polar opposite step-brothers who start out as enemies, only to become the best of friends. Drake Parker is an aspiring musician, popular in school and smooth with the ladies. Josh Nichols, on the other hand, has a difficult time talking to girls and is more on the nerdy side. Together, this dynamic duo bring out the best in each other, teaching Drake to become more passionate while Josh loses weight, thus gaining confidence.

Can you feel the brotherly love?!
Can you feel the brotherly love?!

Set in sunny San Diego, California, we felt right at home with their mother Audrey, father Walter Nichols, and Drake's younger sister Megan, who was too smart for her own good.

Curious as to what the cast is up to nowadays?

Drake Bell (Drake Parker)

Bell has since continued to stay in the Nickelodeon realm and has acted in iCarly, Zoey 101, Splash, Avengers Assemble, and has even lent his voice for Phineas and Ferb. In 2014, Bell released his third studio rockabilly album titled Ready, Steady, Go!

In January 2015, Bell broke his wrist while diving into the shallow end of a pool at his brother's birthday party. Although his doctors claimed he would never be able to play guitar again, Bell has finally recovered and is working through the pain from his injury.

Josh Peck (Josh Nichols)

Post Drake & Josh, Peck has acted in films such as Drillbit Taylor, Mean Creek which he acted in while filming Drake & Josh, ATM, Red Dawn, and has even lent his voice for the character Eddie in the Ice Age films. He acted in an adult pilot created by Amazon Studios called The Rebels.

Peck has continued with his strong comedic presence on social media, especially on Vine, on which he has 7.3 million followers. He has also recently been casted against John Stamos in FOX's untitled comedy pilot that known as Grandpa.

Nancy Sullivan (Audrey Nichols)

Nancy Sullivan also stayed within the Nickelodeon world, appearing in Zoey 101, Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp, and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. She also lent her voice for the animated series on Cartoon Network called Squirrel Boy as Lucille, the mother.

There isn't much information available about her recent endeavors. However, it is important to note that this talented lady trained at the Groundlings, which launched actors like Lisa Kudrow, Jon Lovitz, Melissa McCarthy, and so many more. What a badass!

Jonathan Goldstein (Walter Nichols)

Goldstein continued with his acting career and can be seen in Californication, Heroes, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, and Teacher of the Year.

More recently, Goldstein has been spending his days in Bowling Green, Kentucky during the summers to help with youth amateur theatre, where he has directed such local productions as Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice. This multi-talented artist was also the lead singer in several bands from New York. Fun fact: Goldstein first waited tables to help pay the bills while breaking into Hollywood. Dan Schneider, the producer of Drake & Josh, received an audition take from Goldstein and recognized him as his favorite waiter, as he was a regular at the restaurant Goldstein worked at. I'd call that fate.

Miranda Cosgrove (Megan Parker)

After Drake & Josh, this adorable actress persevered with her acting career, appearing as the lead in another Nickelodeon show titled iCarly. She has also acted in The Good Wife, The Wild Stallion, A Mouse Tale, and has also lent her voice in the animated films Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, featuring Steve Carell.

As she continues acting, Cosgrove is also attending the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts majoring in film. Take note people. This girl is going to continue to make waves in Hollywood!

Drake and Josh taught us that it is actually possible to get along with our pesky siblings. And even if we don't want to admit it, we really do love them, warts and all.


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