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It's been practically 2 years since Young Justice ended with the episode, Endgame. And if you remember, during that season, a lot of famous characters were being brought to life. Four in particular which should be familiar to all you DC Animated series lovers.

The first character is a beloved character of the famous Dakotaverse created by the late Dwayne McDuffie (still missing you, Dwayne). I'm talking about Virgil Hawkins, cleverly named Static Shock for his ablility of electrical generation.

Another set of characters mentioned are the beloved characters from the original Super Friends TV show. Eduardo Dorado, Jr., AKA El Dorado, Tye Longshadow, Apache Chief or Longshadow, and Asami Koizumi, the gender-bended version of the original Samurai.

Season 2 was my favorite season of Young Justice because it had that sort of "create your own metahuman so that later on they can either become a superhero or supervillain." And, of course, incorporating Blue Beetle's creators into all this was actually pretty cool. But you have to wonder, could they have made more metahumans that would eventually create the Teen Titans. My answer, obviously, being yes. If they brought Static into all this, there's no doubt there should have been more future Titans in all that. And, actually, I had some particular Titans in mind.

1. Red Star

The Russian metahuman turned official superhero of Russia. You may remember him from the Teen Titans television series as the outcast that Starfire discovered in the most isolated part of Russia. Now that I think about it, his real origin story somewhat closely resembles what they could have done in Young Justice. And the reason I put emphasis on real, is that his origin was somewhat exaggerated in Teen Titans so that it fit nicely when it came time to face against the Brotherhood.

The cartoon gave him a sort of Captain America backstory. A young, scrawny soldier turned super soldier. With some side effects. If he overused his power, he would detonate and possibly become an atom bomb. Throughout the episode he was in, whenever his power was overused, he had to have some of that power drained out of him.

In the original comic, Leonid Kovar and his father, Konstantin, an archeologist, discovered a downed spaceship in the Yenesi River. Leonid got a little close to the spaceship and due to the radiation, he was given powers of flight, speed, and pyrokinesis. That could have been twisted to fit Young Justice, especially since the Reach loved trying to create metahumans out of normal, everyday humans.

Who doesn't love a good experiment before lunch?
Who doesn't love a good experiment before lunch?

2. Bunker

The metahuman with the ability to create psionic constructs, somewhat similar to Green Lantern (only purple), out of bricks. I think it kind of speaks for itself right here. And like I said, the Reach loved experimenting on us humans.

And that's just a few of the metahumans I thought belonged in Young Justice. Leave a comment below and share what character you thought should have been in Young Justice!


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