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Some of my fever induced gibberish if you ever feel like getting a headache.
Bryar Herrick


I am compelled to tell you this will have a waking dream like quality. At that certain level, the perfect dose, it opens windows and patio doors to worlds just outside of your frequency, those places I call the Inbetweens. Those places where objects in the mirror are stranger than they appear, that place where conversations with end tables and cigarette butts with abandonment issues are not uncommon. An infinity tethered to umbilicus occupying all worlds.

The King and the Corpse, the figures in fog, I. Three headed oxen, the center of sun, Eye. Where all is born and forever remains, I.

Who knows what's in the head of someone caught between a Rockbiter and the Nothing. Let me find a vein and we'll take a look. This could take a while, so buckle up. The road rage that accompanies driving dope-sick is unpredictable to say the least.

I understand that your fear is real, but what you fear is not. Don't worry, my home course in phlebotomy and bloodstain removal will most assuredly pay off. You may begin to feel as though you're being imprisoned by psychic visions, it's alright, the serum will cure your deliriums. It's breathtaking at times yet the solitude of space travel still baffles with its interspace planes, black holes, wormholes and interdimensional veins.

If you sit real still and listen very carefully you'll hear the floorboards creek, my footsteps from a thousand years ago. Again, don't be afraid. Lower vibrations attract snakes and battling those with a bag of consciousness over your shoulder is best left to those skilled in navigating the chaos of dimension jump echoes.

It's here where we develop our techniques in mind control. Just remember, it only feels like you are dying. That dead of winter in your bones will slowly fade and soon you'll be wrapped in the warm song of static and test tones broadcast from the furthest regions of the Inbetweens directly into your headphones. I'm so glad you are here.

With great anticipation of what's to come,



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