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STAR TREK BEYOND isn't slated to open until 2016, but that doesn't mean we (meaning I) can't offer up some ideas on what I (meaning we. see what I did there) would like to see in this third installment of the reboot. We are fast approaching the 50th anniversary of this storied franchise (WOW! That's so totally impressive) and so without further ado...



Yes! Bring on the KLINGONS and in a big way. Introduced in Star Trek: The Original Series in 1967, Klingons have played a role, in various degrees, in all five tv series and in eight of the franchise motion pictures. So while they had a "minor" appearance in INTO DARKNESS, Klingons deserve a major depiction in the new film. Why not take cues from their early appearances and focus on the conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire? I say it's finally time Star Trek had a Klingon villain of epic proportions!


art by Chris Legaspi
art by Chris Legaspi

I want Photon torpedoes and phasers firing all over the place. Shields at ever decreasing percentages. Red Alerts! I want gamesmanship, move and counter move. I'm not talking STAR WARS-esque stuff, but I want to see the might and prowess of the USS ENTERPRISE on full display. Maybe something in proportion to the great sea battles of old: outnumbered, outgunned but through the sheer will and cunning of Kirk and the use of everything at his disposal (asteroids, solar flares, gravitational pull, lasers, nukes etc.) to ensure a hard fought victory.


Yes, I know the late, great LEONARD NIMOY played a significant role in the last two films (as a time displaced SPOCK), and there are rumors of WILLIAM SHATNER appearing in this film, but I am talking about cameos of cast members from the different Star Trek shows. Nothing in the vein of Stan Lee's MARVEL cameos, but just simple easter eggs for Trekkers. You know, crowd shots, walkthroughs, glimpses etc. I for one wouldn't mind spotting the likes of Jolene Blalock, Robert Beltran, René Auberjonois, or Denise Crosby making a brief appearance in the film.


Throughout the years, STAR TREK in its various settings has introduced visually interesting and exciting aliens to fans. They have served as Federation allies and enemies, but more importantly they were allegorical representations of real life issues: the Klingons as cover for totalitarian regimes like communist Russian in the 1960's, the "CHERONS" (pictured above) as racial discrimination, the Ferengi as the ultimate in capitalism excess.

This third Star Trek movie should then follow suit and introduce a NEW alien species that in some way speaks to a social-political issue that confounds current day society. Socially relevant and exciting action/adventure can work together (District 9, Elysium for example).


Star Trek is known for having introduced a wide variety of futuristic gadgets and tech that now populate our everyday life: communicators, PADDs (personal access display devices), wireless headsets, tricorders, replicators, Universal Translator, voice recognition, phasers, Hypospray, etc.

In this new threequal they need to up the ante on the tech and show us the next generation of gadgets that we can only dream about becoming real one day.

What must haves do you want in see in [Star Trek 3](movie:817262)?

Have fun!


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