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In part 1 I talked about what it would be like if some of the Avengers really did train as if it was real life. You saw the hulk lifting cars, Cap training like an old-time athlete from an earlier era, Iron Man doing Yoga (wait I meant DDP Yoga) and Thor lifting like a man possessed in the weight room. It's fun to think of what heroes would really do in the real world if they were around like their comic book counterparts. This time around i'll be adding a few other Avenger members that I find suitable to see what it would be like for them to have their own style of training that suits their personality and characteristics. Let's start with one of the most bad ass members that doesn't have superpowers of her own; Black Widow...

Natasha Romanoff better known as the Black Widow in comics plus the films played by the ever awesome and ferociously beautiful Scarlett Johansson is a hero with a dark past and has a unique skill set that makes MMA fighters look like wimps, I could only imagine the type of training she endures to build up that set of attributes which includes speed, coordinated moves to get someone down for the count in a very fast fashion (Russian scene in Marvel's The Avengers anyone?), strength in leverage since she's not built for a crazy amount of strength but knows how to use it in the right moments and extremely agile and flexible like a gymnast or lucha-libra wrestler (Rey Mysterio to you Wrestling fans). When it comes down to it, she's the ultimate embodiment of a female MMA Fighter that even Ronda Rousey wished she was. She seems like she trains with anything that is useful and functional like kickboxing, wrestling, bare knuckle fighting, Sandbag Training, the battling ropes, Pull-up strength, Gymnastics, Capoeira and more. She is what women strive to be; strong, independent and knows how to handle herself defensively for example. With her attributes close to beyond the average person (hell she is beyond the average person) it gives her the tools to live a life she may not always like but it also on the other side of the coin allows her to step up her game more than most would consider thinking of trying.

Hawkeye is like the bad ass Archer of the group with the steadiness of a well trained sniper, incredible arm, shoulder and upper back strength and incredible sets of skills that require coordination, endurance and agility. In ancient times the Archers were the most gifted specimens in military regimes and as hunters. It takes a lot of mental power and nerves of steel to pull back a bow and have the ability to keep an arrow locked and on target. If you screw up just a smidge it's not going to work out in your favor. Even the strongest bows back then needed years of training just to have the right amount to work with. The most famous Archer in folklore is Robin Hood in my opinion next to Hercules. When it comes to training for Archery you need to build crisp eyesight, a suitable pinch grip to keep the arrow locked and strong tendons and muscles in the arms, shoulders and back. To get the best out of gaining those attributes it's best to just practice archery in itself but if you want to have that feeling of strength like an archer you work the muscles needed for that particular sport. There's even courses but the most unique is the Orion Program which teaches you how to use your pulling power with the use of rubber cables from Lifeline USA's Chest Expander. Training the pulling muscles is an essential key along with other sets of strength. Odysseus was a master archer in Greek Mythology, he proved this in the battle of the Trojan War and it even saved his life when he won back his wife Penelope from suitors who wanted her only to make themselves king, he triumphed over them by not just setting the bow itself but by the power of his will and muscular power, he shot an arrow through the narrow axes that were aligned to make this window just for the arrow to go through. Hawkeye lives and breathes archery and it would be fitting to have that kind of power using simple equipment and the heart of Odysseus.

Black Panther is apart of the team but not in a full fledged way because of his ties to his people in Wakanda. The crown prince (later king) of Wakanda is an athlete that has a similar style to Black Widow with using the fighting style of Martial Artist along with a key sense of the named Cat. The wild cats are some of the strongest and most powerful creatures in the Animal Kingdom bar none. They're tendons are so powerful that if they end up killed, they can still stand on their feet. They are fast, extremely strong and very intimidating. If you put T'Challa in Mortal Kombat, the Panther would be his Animality and would shred his opponents without hesitation. His training would be in MMA but yet the closest martial arts he would practice would be wrestling and Kung Fu because of his abilities to kick, punch and have a very strong defense using blocked shots and other things. He also has that strength and climbing ability like Tarzan where he's not afraid to show off his dominance even though he doesn't stick out his chest and beat it. So with that in mind, although he's very muscular he doesn't have that mentality of a weightlifter but more of an athlete that strives for movement and has the near superhuman attributes of natural human movement like those in MovNat and Parkour along with his fighting skills, maybe more on the gymnastics side of things but I think it's safe to say he moves like a version of Tarzan and can wrestle/fight better than most guys.

Quicksilver is Marvel's version of the Flash, extremely fast, powerful and can hit you in places you won't see coming. It's not always his speed that defines who he is. The way I see it, having speed like that can put a damper on your life in the way where slowing down is one of the toughest things if you plan on having somewhat of a normal life which I just can't picture someone like Pietro having, maybe he an learn some tips from his DC counterpart Barry Allen. Training would be difficult for someone with that much speed because if you want to get the best out of what you do, you have to slow down and be precise and accurate otherwise you're going all over the place. Even though when he speeds up time slows way down, its still important to build a foundation on the skills you want to develop and be able to put on the breaks if needed. When it comes to speed, nothing beats sprinting or going through a circuit of exercises. Sprinting puts muscle on you quicker than just about anything else, its the closest to using steroids without the needles or the pills/creams. It's the natural ability in the body to produce growth hormone without the side effects of performance enhancing drugs. To get an idea on how you can build serious muscle fast and with a strategic outlook check out Superhero Sprints. This concept teaches you how to burn fat, build muscle and learn the value of unorthodox fitness. It's doing sprints and adding a circuit into the mix along with a possible finisher that helps you shred fat like a flame to solid wax. Training this way is very short but yet very effective, you don't need (and shouldn't) do it everyday but only three times a week max if you're in decent shape, if not then start with one or 2 days a week to build up. Think about it if you developed your muscular potential without ever doing drugs and enhancing your very own attributes in strength, flexibility, speed and crazy power in your tendons and ligaments. People will think you're on steroids when in fact you're strategically doing sprints and circuits to get the most of your training. Quicksilver isn't this bulked up meathead with a lust for bodybuilding, he looks more like a realistic athlete with a knack for being able to travel at the speed of light.

There you have it folks. Part 2 of what an avenger might train like if he/she lived in real life. Should I write Part 3 and add even more Avenger members, let me know in your comments.


Which Of These Avengers Would You Want Train As?


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