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Hey guys, its Ethan again and welcome back too another theory. Today, I have a theory of Rugrats. Now, lets talk about the show Rugrats. Not only did I love that show as a child, I still love it as a teen boy. This show is one of the most popular cartoons on Nickelodian and has had quite a few seasons. It's about the daily adventures of a group of loveable toddlers. This theory states that Angelica was the only one that was alive, and that she only imagined the others. Let's start with Tommy. Tommy, was Dede's miscarige. This is really sad because my cousin's girlfriend recently miscarried. This leads Stu into a depression and insanity making him stay in his basement making toys for the son he never had. Chucky died along with his mother due to a severe allergy attack. This makes his father a nervous wreck since he never told the others and simply lied by telling them he's living with his grandmother in Ireland. Phil and Lil's mother had an abortion, making Angelica not sure their gender leasing her to make twins, a girl and a boy. When Angelica got into her teen years she began to follow in her mother's foot steps and began too do cocaine. She meet her friend Susie since she was the daughter of Angelica's supplier. They became friends and started too hang out and eventually became friends. Angelica, like her mother, died of a drug overdose. When Susie found out about this she was heartbroken. She decided to remember her friend by making the cartoon, Rugrats. Thank you for reading. Have a good Thursday.


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