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When the rest of the world was wondering where their letter from Hogwarts was when they turned eleven, I was fine. It was the year before, when I turned ten, that a part of me was furious that I didn't receive a Pokemon, a pokedex and was sent on an adventure.

I've always loved Pokemon. I love the games. I've seen a number of the movies. I enjoyed the show. I've watched "Pokemon Origins" on YouTube. And always will enjoy Pokemon.

I was first exposed to Pokemon with Pokemon: Yellow (1998), which is still my favorite version of Pokemon out there. For those of you unaware, it is essentially the same as Pokemon: Red or Pokemon: Blue except your starter is Pikachu and you can catch Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in the wild.

The next Pokemon game I owned was Pokemon: Soul Silver (2009). In between those games, I'd played other people's Pokemon games, but these two are my favorite.

I've also owned Pokemon: White, Pokemon: White 2, and Pokemon: X. I've yet to get either of the ORAS gen, but I'm planning on it. I do, however, have the demo for it.

So now that we've talked the games and I've shown my cred involving the series, let's talk about who I'd be in the world of Pokemon.

I would live in the Johto Region

Johto is my favorite region. It really comes down to the Ruins of Alph, the legendaries, and the Pokeathlon.

Kanto is a close second, but Johto is right next door. We've got the Magnet Train to shuttle us back and forth. We are so close that Professor Oak and Professor Elm frequently talk and meet up with the other.

The Ruins of Alph have always been intriguing to me. The fact that the radio picks up on those "strange noise" which are actually Ho-Oh cries and the melody of the Azure Flute is truly fascinating. I would love to go to the Ruins of Alph and explore, do research and find out more. I'd find all the Unown within the caves and study them. I would find end enjoyment from this one area.

The legendaries are also fantastic. You've got Lugia, Ho-Oh, Entei, Raikou and Suicune. I wouldn't want to catch any, not that you can in the world of Pokemon outside the games. I'd like to meet just one. Lugia is able to talk to Ash as seen in Pokemon the Movie 2000 as can Entei as we know from Pokemon 3: The Movie: Spell of the Unown. I'd really like to be able to talk to either of these legendaries, possibly all the others as well.

And the Pokeathlon is also another place I'd love to go to. I'm an extremely competitive person and love the mini games there. I'd really love being able to go to the Pokeathlon dome and competing, even if I didn't win - even though I hope I do - I'd enjoy myself. Especially if I were a regular, I'd make friends there and the competition would be great and stimulating.

My Pokemon Team

First off, is my starter. My options are Cyndaquil, Totodile, and Chikorita. Now, to be honest, these starters are not my favorites. Other generations have better starters, but without a doubt I would pick Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil is the fire type Pokemon. It evolves into Quilava and then Typhlosion. I don't know if I'd evolve Cyndaquil beyond Quilava, though. Typhlosion just isn't my cup of tea. A big factor in choosing Cyndaquil over Totodile or Chikorita is that I irrationally love fire type Pokemon. Some might say I'm a pyromaniac because of it. And by some, I mean my brother who freaked out when he saw most of the Pokemon I catch are fire type.

The next Pokemon I'd choose would have to be something that was strong against water because water would kill Cyndaquil. I could either do a grass Pokemon here or an electric one. I've never been a big fan of the grass type Pokemon, I'm not really sure why, I'm just not. So I'd probably pick Mareep.

Mareep evolves into Flaafy and then Ampharos. I'm not a fan of either Mareep or Flaafy, I really love Ampharos though. Another little bit of information about myself for Mareep is that Flaafy's Pokedex number is 54. 54 is an important number to me and my family; a good friend of my younger brother's passed away back in the fall during a football game. His number on the football field was 54. So, because of that, I'd just need to have a Pokemon with that number in my party. And though Ampharos isn't 54, I'd take it.

Another important type of Pokemon is one with the ability to learn Fly. Since I won't capture any legendaries, that narrows down my search (barely). I'm not a big fan of the pure flying Pokemon, so I'd want a multi-type Pokemon. But those are hard to come by without trading. So I'd choose Dragonite.

Dragonite evolves from Dragonair which evolves from Dratini. Dragon type Pokemon are just awesome. And thought Dragonite doesn't appear intimidating, he is quite the force to be reckoned with.

Next up is a water type Pokemon for the move surf. Now, I've got a lot of options for this one. But there is one Pokemon I've always loved that is a water type and that is Lapras.

Lapras doesn't evolve from or into anything. What's awesome about Lapras is that Lapras has ice type moves. Ice is surprisingly strong and sturdy and is fantastic against dragon type Pokemon. Which might seem slightly contradictory since I have a dragon type, but if I ever encounter dragon trainers - which I will in Johto - I'll want to be able to hold my ground against them.

After that, there aren't many types of Pokemon that I necessarily need, but there are two Pokemon that I'd just want to have because I really like. The first being Scyther.

Scyther is just one awesome Pokemon. It's a bug-flying Pokemon. Normally I wouldn't pick a bug Pokemon, but I just love Scyther. I'm not a fan of its evolution, Scizor, so I just wouldn't have it evolve. Scyther is one cool Pokemon. It has scythes for arms. What about that isn't awesome? Okay, that's not good enough for you? Well it moves so fast and blends in so well in its environment it's nearly impossible to see until you're upon it. Not only would that hunt be fantastic, but it would be a marvel to watch in battle.

My last Pokemon would be my all time favorite Eeveelution. And if you think it's Flareon because I'm a pyro, you'd be wrong. It's actually Umbreon.

Umbreon's one tough dark type Pokemon. Evolving from Eevee at night, Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution purely for the fact that it evolves because it is happy. Also, it's nighttime and I'm a bit of a night owl. Lastly, Umbreon is a smart fighter. It's small and fast, but it knows how to use it. Myself being a girl on the smaller side with a black belt, I'd fight with the same style. Waiting to see my opponents' attacks and then retaliating.

In the Johto region, I would definitely be the Champion

Okay, not definitely, but I'd definitely try. I'd try to make it into at least the ranks of the Elite Four. If that were not the case, I'd continue competing in the Pokeathlon.

Essentially, I would try and continue to be a part of the world of Pokemon for as long as possible. I wouldn't settle as a gym leader because I'd get bored. Normally, at gyms the leader chooses one specific type. I wouldn't necessarily have to do that as a leader, but it wouldn't be enough of a change or difference here and there. It would be the same repetitive thing.

A Pokemon Professor would be cool, but I'd need more adventure in my life. I couldn't just hope another kid could come along to fill the Pokedex for me. I'd get bored there as well.

Don't even think about making me a police officer or a nurse. I will hurt you.

Seriously, though. I don't have pink loopy hair or blue wavy hair. I also don't want to do that. Or dress like that. Or look like everyone else in my profession. Or be stuck in a boring job.

In conclusion...

I do wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. I want to live in Johto, I want the team I mentioned before, and I want to be the Champion. If given the chance, I'd travel the world and visit all the regions. Because I love Pokemon.


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