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TOP fIve easter eggs of all time in my opinion are;

1) GTA 5: there is a truck with a liberty city license plate paying tribute to GTA 4.

2)Five Nights At Freddys 3: the nose on the poster of freddy beeps when tapped wich is good pass time while waiting for somthing to happen.

3)Kill Bill vo.1: Her name (Beatrix. Kiddo) isnt known til vol2 but it actually is on the plane ticket before she goes to japan it shows her name and also bill calls her kiddo but almost evryone thought he was just callimg her kiddo like a kid.

4) Kill Bill again: In the zen garden when it shows her walking through the glass her soles say f**k you which proves her bad ass nature.

5) Return Of The Jedi: The aliens working on jabas sail's names are the same words used for the robots commands on the day the earth stood still.

Bonus: In Aladdin when Jasmine and the tiger are changed back the magic dust is in the shape of Micky Mouse for a second.

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