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Thanks to the wonderful people at Moviepilot, I was flown out to Los Angeles to see an early screening of the film Furious 7. It is amazing to see how much this series has evolved over the years. Beginning with an undercover cop becoming friends with a criminal racer to a super soldier ex-black ops trying to kill the crew and so they must acquire a device that can use any camera and/or microphone in the world to find any person. Wow...

To sum up my opinion quickly is basically what I said in the title: I think this one is the best film in the entire series.

James Wan takes over the directing chair and he manages to keep the same high octane feel that Justin Lin gave us with Fast And Furious, Fast Five and Furious 6 but also manages to up the ante with a very quick paced and slick direction. While some fight sequences had that high frame rate look to them which I usually despise, I did think that the fights were done excellently. There was some very nice shots from James Wan as well especially in the Dubai sequences.

The acting is all solid: Vin Diesel plays Dom and once again delivers a complete badass role, Michelle Rodriguez returns as Letty and she actually pulls off some good acting chops when she has to, Paul Walker plays Brian again but only partially due tot he very tragic death that occurred before they could finish so his brother Cody Walker continued as the character with Paul's face being CGI'd on his face. Cody did a fine job recreating his brother's acting and the character of Brian fine. I'm not going to critique the CGI face since it is fantastic CGI and it does look like Paul Walker but I don't deny that one or two times I could tell that it was fake but it didn't take me out of the movie. Tyrese Gibson and Chris Bridges (Ludacris) are is still hilarious yet awesome in the roles of Tej and Roman, Dwayne Johnson is a walking one liner machine coupled with being a complete badass, Kurt Russell joins and he is hilarious yet awesome as well, and overall everyone in "the Crew" did a fine job acting. They have the perfect chemistry with each other and it all works.

Jason Statham plays the villain and while he's a bit underutilized, he still did a great job seeming like a calm and threatening villain. Djimon Hounsou was also not used very much but again was effective. One of the most surprising villains was Tony Jaa and he was one of the best things about the movie. His fight scenes were amazing, mostly due to the fact that I love Tony Jaa.

Now don't go into this movie expecting something like Birdman or Theory of Everything, this movie is meant for you to just sit back with a huge bag of popcorn and have a ton of pure fun from beginning to end. You got the impossible stunts with the cars, you have great car chases, great fight sequences (Jason Statham VS Vin Diesel is like something out of a comic and I love), some amazing comedy here and there to keep everything fun, and the last fifty minutes of this movie is just one long action scene that was almost Avengers level of awesome. If you don't like this stuff...why are you watching a Furious movie and more importantly why are you watching the seventh entry?

Even though this movie is mostly just fun action, there were a few moments of heart especially the send off to Paul Walker. Not going to deny, I was close to tearing up when I saw it, it was great.

If this is the final entry of the series then I say that it is the perfect way to end it, they went out with the biggest bang that they could. I had an absolute blast with Furious 7. It is pure exhilaration from beginning to end and I absolutely loved it.

I'd like to dedicate this next part to the late Paul Walker:

I did not know you, but from everything I saw of you, you seemed like one of the nicest guys and somebody I would have loved to hang with. My heart out goes to your family especially Cody who chose to fill your shoes when you passed. Death is always a waste but especially to a guy who was in his prime years still. Hope you are having a good times in heaven and may you rest in peace.

What did you think of Furious 7? Did you like it or did you not like it? Let me know in the comments below.

Meanwhile go check out Furious 7 in theaters today!


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