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This Sunday is Easter, and that means its time for egg decorations. Every year, I sit down with a dozen or so eggs and fail miserably at trying to make them look cool. However, there are some artistically talented people who make some truly incredible eggs that I just had to share!

Marvel Eggs

Photo and art by Victor Gagnon
Photo and art by Victor Gagnon

The Egging Dead


Eggy Potter


Portal Turr-egg


Mass Egg-fect

May The Egg Be With You

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Egger


Angry Eggs

Art by Amanda Younger
Art by Amanda Younger

Super Egg. Bros

Egggggg-Venture Time!

Despicable Eggs


Apple Egg-Pod

Yu-Gi Egg


Game of Eggs

South Egg

Star Trek: The Next Genereggtion



Which one was your favorite?


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