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Collins Vincent

Disney has Announced that they are developing a live action Winnie the pooh film. The project is declared to be in early development and Disney has now hired indie film-maker Alex Ross Perry to direct the upcoming project.Disney also has plans to develop more properties in the future.

The live action feature film would supposedly involve an older Christopher Robinson who returns to the Hundred acre woods years later to catch up with pooh and the rest of the gang.There was alot of backlash against this idea but then again it's not a surprise.This film was announced a few days after Disney announced plans for a live action Mulan movie.

Winnie the pooh was an animated Disney classic film that is beloved by millions of fans in the U.S. and world wide.With the new live action film on the way many fans are wondering if Disney can capture the same magic that the animated films had but many appear to be very skeptical about it. The Winnie the pooh live action movie has yet to have a release date.


are you excited about the prospect of a live action Winnie the Pooh movie?


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