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[Tomorrowland](movie:731011) is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated movies of the summer with each passing day. the upcoming Sci-fi mystery adventure follows a grizzled inventor frank walker and an optimistic teen with scientific potential who must travel to a place in time and space known as Tomorrowland where the choices they make will dramatically change the world and themselves forever.The seems vague and enigmatic but at the same time it makes you want to know more about this place known as Tomorrowland and why it plays such a key role in the film.

1. The concept

Tomorrowland is essentially supposed to be the city of tomorrow where technology and infrastructure have rapidly evolved. In turn this explains the inventive aesthetic of Tomorrowland such as how certain structures are shaped and how they are designed.The visual concept of Tomorrow is sure to be a spectacle for young and older movie-goers.

2. The trailers don't spoil the main plot points

The biggest complaints by movie-goers has always been about trailers that show too much of the movie or give away important plot points( looking at you Terminator Genisys)but none of the trailers for Tomorrowland have spilled the beans on crucial plot twists and possible mind-bending spoilers.This is all the more reason to go and see this film in theaters since you will be able to enjoy the movie without the whole puzzle being put together for you.

George Clooney will star!
George Clooney will star!

3. The characters back-stories

It helps when a movie has interesting and multi-layered characters for audiences to connect with as well as trying to decipher these characters as the film progresses and it looks like Tomorrowland will allow Movie-goers to do just that. By watching the trailer you get a sense of each character but you don't really know all that much about them and how they came to be the way they are.Casey is obviously troubled since we find her in a jail in the first teaser trailer and frank seems to be trying to outrun his past but it has caught up with him when Casey shows up at his front door.There are other characters that will be explored in the movie but you have to watch it to find out more about them.

4. The themes that will be explored within the film

Tomorrowland will definitely be exploring themes that are relevant to the world we live in today such as War,global warming, corruption, and revolution.the first wave of trailers already teased these themes when we first met our the main protagonists of the film.We will examine in the film how the world fell into such a state of turmoil and chaos and how that led to the creation of a utopian society that only a few could access.

5. Tommorowland is an original movie

In an age where movie studios are constantly trying to cash in on nostalgia there are people who want to see original films being made with bold new ideas and creative vision.Well, you will be happy to know that Tomorrowland is not a sequel,prequel remake,reboot,re-imagining,re-telling, or re-hashing.If you want to see an original film then this one should definitely go on your watch-list.


are you going to see Tomorrowland when it hits theaters?


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