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Although we haven't even reached Phase Three yet, it's easy to speculate what will happen in the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To do that, we should analyse what's happening in Phase Three and see if we can make some assumptions on the future of the franchise. Some are saying that Phase Three will be the end but I have a feeling we have much more to come.

Iron-Man 4

There have been a lot of talk about a fourth Iron Man instalment. This talk has been mainly caused by the desire for a better performance of Iron Man's arch-nemesis The Mandarin. This speculation has gone down since the announcement of Captain America: Civil War. RDJ has expressed interest if a decent story is used, so what story would that be? Perhaps a passing of the torch. I know I would like to see more of Rhodey in the MCU. I think about Iron Man 4 and I don't really see it happening in the near future, probably not Phase Four either. This Phase is probably taking in a different directions to their films.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3

Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 is a no-brainer. The franchises in the MCU at least deserve a trilogy, especially a franchise like GOTG. If we're not getting an Iron Man 4, we should at least see him as a member of the Guardians. I would like this film to delve into Rocket's origins. It might be in the sequel but perhaps RR's experimenters will be the villains of the film. Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 should definitely happen, I have a feeling Phase 4 is going to be quite cosmic.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

From what I hear, Sony has signed a deal for a Spider-Man trilogy so it would make sense for the sequel to be in the next phase. We don't much about the plot of the new Spider-Man franchise just yet so all we can do for now is speculate. I would like to see a Spider-Man and Daredevil cross-over film with the duo taking down the Kingpin.

Inhumans 2

Kevin Fiege has expressed interest in turning the Inhumans into a franchise. I think it's the Inhumans that will have the most impact after the events of Infinity War so I would like to see them dealing with that. Maybe not like Tony's Avengers PTSD from IM 3 but just something about the effects of Infinity War. It would of have to have been devastating.

Captain Marvel 2

MCU launches their first female super-hero film, they definitely won't stop there. A Captain Marvel sequel is almost inevitable. There's not much to tell about what will happen in the film considering the ambiguity of the first film. Fiege also stated the film will deviate from the source material so there really isn't much way of telling what will happen.

Ant-Man 2

I'm a little disappointed that an Ant-Man sequel will not be showing up in Phase Three. Phase Four would be a great time for the next instalment in this franchise. Sequels are the raging trend after all. This should happen.

The Runaways

People really want this film to happen, I don't know why but they love it apparently. If you beg long enough, it will definitely happen. I feel like this film would work more along the way that Big Hero 6 was made. Eventually, we will be seeing a Runaways film for sure.

Planet Hulk

Poor Hulk, he's not getting another solo film for at least 11 years since 2008. The fans want this, you should give it to them. This would be a great opportunity to have the Hulk done right in the perfect storyline where the Illuminati banish Hulk and is sent to a planet where he becomes a Gladiator and conquers the planet which also sets up World-War Hulk.

Howard The Duck

Don't judge! Sure the original film was some of the worst examples of cinema ever but now we have MCU taking control. They know what they're doing and Howard The Duck would be the most unique project they've ever done. It would be stranger than GOTG and Ant-Man combined. Sure he was meant to be a joke in that Post-Credits scene but anything goes when it comes to comic book movies.

Avengers: Secret Wars

This is one of the most popular storylines people have chosen for another Avengers sequel. The Beyonder kidnaps the Marvel Universe and makes them battle to the death in an arena. Doesn't that sound cool? The symbiote could also be set-up in this film for Spider-Man 3 and a possible Venom spin-off film. I would like to see Kang The Conqueror in a film and this would probably be the right time to do it.

There are plenty of other films to choose from like Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Thor 4, Black Widow and Loki spin-offs and Captain America 4 but I feel like these are the most likely ones to show up. Comment which films you'd like to see in Marvel's Phase 4!


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