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Aye Matey, Spoilers Afoot

Comic book shows are guaranteed to have Easter eggs, you can't do a comic book show without Easter eggs for the fans because if you did you'd have to show every little thing in the comics on screen which could take like 50 seasons, since things are always being added and changing. Thankfully though they settle for giving us small things that say "hey remember this? from issue X?X. Yeah we know you do." A lot of those things completely go over my head until I go into my facebook groups for the shows and they politely explain it all to me. This however is a list of some of the ones that I did know while watching, they aren't at all hard to find, I notice really weird things like lighting and composition more than I notice Easter eggs but this is my personal list of my top 5 favorite Easter eggs of the Arrow/Flash universe.

Flash/Big Bang Theory

A lot of superhero shirts and costumes show up on The Big Bang Theory: Hawkman, the different lantern corps, even Aquaman on his seahorse. No character is shown quite as many times as the Flash though, which is great. We then get to see the crossover of Cisco, one of the Flash's teammates wearing a Big Bang Theory t-shirt which is a nice little nod to the show.

As much as I'd love to see Felicity wearing one, or even a regular Flash shirt made by illegal merchandising, it makes the most sense for Cisco since he's more nerdy while Felicity is a more beautiful quirky genius. The only bad thing is people will now forever have to ponder how the Big Bang Theory is a TV show in the Flash while the Flash is a fictional character on the Big Bang Theory which has been out seven years before Barry ever became the Flash. Yet another unexplained question the Flash leaves us with.

Flash - Trickster

I didn't really get to watch the 1990s Flash much. I only got to like four episodes in I think and that was like in the past 3 years ,not even when it was on TV. I've always been more of an Adventures of Lois and Clark kind of guy. Honestly, I was a few episodes in before I learned Barry's dad was the original Flash; so when Mark Hamill showed up on this week's Flash episode as "The Trickster" I just thought it was an odd but really interesting casting choice. If anything I was just disappointed he didn't do his joker laugh at least once. I happened to be looking over Mark Hamill's wikipedia page during a commercial and was surprised to see he had played the original trickster.

That definitely explains the chemistry between him and Henry Allen, since they had been enemies before. It does beg the question though of how the original Trickster got caught if the Flash wasn't there. I really love when they bring old characters back and have them reprise their roles or even just a whole new role. One of my favorites was when Margot Kidder and the late Christopher Reeves were on Smallville. Also, say what you want about DC, but they seem to have a lot of actor loyalty: Brandon Routh Superman, and Ray Palmer, then Mark Hamill 2 times as Trickster and one of the most well known Jokers.


Flash/Arrow - Connor Hawke

Obviously he won't be joining the show anytime soon, and if he does it won't be as the green archer we've seen him as considering he's probably only about 7, 8 at most. Honestly, it's speculation that it's even a boy considering the girl never specifies a gender, but of course us fans are super sure that the child on the other end of the phone is none other than Connor Hawke, Ollie's illegitimate son.

Obviously, him not knowing about the kid is through no fault of his own since Moira paid the young girl off to vamoose and never contact him again, interesting how life always has a way of bringing things back full circle. I have to say just dropping those tiny bombs on us was pretty awesome to see even if we might not see the kid. However, it's fairly likely that we'll see the subject come up again. I don't think the writers would show the girl twice and show that she's living in central city, a short train ride away, if it wasn't going to come into play again.

Flash - Wayne Enterprises/Tech

This was relatively short compared to the others but it did show up multiple times. Not mentioning the "red skies" crisis that is pretty much spelled out in the main article and may make a play in the show one day in the future; but the notice of Wayne Enterprises and Queen Inc merger. This shows two things:

1. That Oliver gets his company back and changes the name from Queen consolidated to Queen Incorporated, which is still different from the Queen Industries of the comicverse and doesn't do much to explain the name change but is still nice to see.

2. That Bruce Wayne is in this universe and relevant in the future even if he's not Batman yet.

It's interesting because currently Oliver is the first lasting hero since Wildcat quit, Batman doesn't yet exist. Apparently neither does Talia Al Ghul, a prominent member of Batman's family and the other "heir to the demon," but it does show that Bruce Wayne exists, so despite the definite fact that he won't be showing up on the show, this Easter egg gives us plenty of chances to speculate what might be happening with Bruce. Maybe he is still traveling the world, maybe he is back in Gotham but he just hasn't figured out how he wants to fix Gotham, or maybe he is still just a ghost story or folk tale of a bat creature going around attacking criminals. It could be that he and Talia have run away together. It's always fun to imagine all the interesting stuff.

EDIT- Since this has come up multiple times. Wells say "What 'that man' does is carry out a dark reckoning for his city." Not Batman, as much as we'd like for him to be talking about Batman, he doesn't exist yet in this world. And by yet I also don't mean that he'll be in the show ever, he won't be. I just mean that there is a future where Bruce Wayne will be relevant, we can assume that all superheroes will one day be relevant but that doesn't mean the whole Justice League will be making an appearance on the show. They won't. My dreams of Tom Welling showing up to make nice with the Flash or have an around the world race will never come to pass. The closest thing you're getting to Batman or Superman is Supergirl on CBS and Nightwing on TNT.

Arrow - Star City

One of the biggest comments on the show was the City's name change from Star City to Starling City. A small, subtle change but a noticeable one none the less. Many people have given multiple theories for it. One theory says it's not Star City because they don't want to pull straight from the comic but rather show fans from the start that this isn't the Green Arrow that they know but a new one who is his own character. That's a reasonable idea, everyone wants to see their favorite character but nobody wants to know exactly what's going to happen.

Another theory says it's not Green Arrow's Star City because Oliver Queen isn't Green Arrow yet, he's just the Arrow and previously the Hood; it's an attempt to show that the city is evolving as it's own character just like Batman with Gotham. That theory also assumes that whenever Oliver takes up his final mantle of Green Arrow the city will follow suit with it's name change. This theory is somewhat supported by this Easter egg which shows Ray Palmer showing his plans to make the city better and change it from being just a little Starling into a large and amazing Star, obviously not said but inferred by me. This change comes during a time when Oliver is evolving from a killer vigilante to a more heroic vigilante; also with him being an indirect influence as his old grudge brought the war against the Mirakuru freaks that makes Ray decide to fix this city his own way. I don't know if the name will be changing anytime soon but for now it's just a really cool Easter egg that seems to be foreshadowing an important future.

Honorable Mentions


Tatsu Yamashiro, the wife of Maseo Oliver's ARGUS handler is actually a somewhat well known Japanese hero Katana. This is an honorable mention and not on my list for three major reasons. 1. because I didn't know this or discover it on my own but was told by someone, and I still barely know about it. 2. She's not actually her hero character but rather her civilian character. 3. She's a recurring character which doesn't actually make it an Easter egg or almost any comic book character would be an Easter egg but I still think it's pretty cool so I included it anyway. Also, Rila Fukushima, the lady who plays her is incredibly beautiful. She's definitely in my top 5 list of the best looking ladies of the Arrow/Flash universe. Don't worry I won't make an article for that.

Katana is a really interesting character who is a fully trained samurai and while Tatsu may or may not be, it's shown she can handle herself well with a sword. She's been a part of the Outsiders, the Justice League, and the Birds of Prey which means Tatsu may one day join Black Canary, Huntress, Thea and Nyssa on an adventure if we're lucky. Did you know Rila also played Yukio in "The Wolverine," how awesome is that? Another one of the many actors shared between DC and Marvel.

so pretty.
so pretty.

Hmm. Aside from the cheekbones and the grey skin they're pretty close to looking alike. Nice job DC. Especially considering how radically different she looked in The Wolverine.

Other Heroes

Other honorables mentions are the names that Wells lists off that include Ralph Dibny a comic hero Elongated Man which was awesome to hear, but since we don't know if he or any other characters will be in the show in the future, I don't want to mark it down as an Easter Egg just yet. Especially since his name was said again in a later episode, signifying the possibility of him being a recurring hero. Also, like Ronnie Raymond everyone on the list except the first two are characters from the comics and we've seen many people thought to be dead return, the Flash included, considering his heart was thought to have stopped many times. I'm mostly hopeful that Bea da Costa will be playing a role sometime in the future, da Costa has the moniker of Fire in the comics. Although having Firestorm may reduce her chances since there's already a fire themed character, but a boy can dream.

not that costume though too hot for tv
not that costume though too hot for tv

I'm also kind of disappointed by the name I didn't hear, which is Jefferson Pierce. I was really hoping Black Lightning would have a role sometime in the future. I like his character, they already had a fight in a school, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to add principal Pierce to the mix.

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