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Talk of a revival of the popular 90's family sitcom, Full House, has been thrown around in the rumor pot for awhile now. But today, we finally have some more details on it. Firstly, it seems that Netflix has signed a deal to add a spin-off Full House show to their lineup. Titled 'Fuller House', yep.

The show will reportedly be centered on the characters of DJ Tanner and Kimmy, played by Candance Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber respectively. John Stamos will be involved with the story in some way, as well as having a potential guest appearance along with Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. Netflix is already looking to order 13 episodes of the spin-off series.

I liked Full House quite a bit when I was a kid, and I'll admit to watching it a couple times on 'Nick @ Nite' nowadays, so the idea of a spin-off show sounds pretty good. But, I'm still a bit mixed on Boy Meets World's spin-off show, Girl Meets World, and I'm curious to see if Full House's themes and tones will work in the 21st century. But whether I'm still mixed about it or not, it looks like it's happening.

With Hollywood obsessed with 80's/90's reboots right now, and the FH cast making tons of spotlight appearances, I think the world is ready to give Fuller House a shot!

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