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Joss Whedon takes Ultron and says, I want to make you the scariest villain yet. He calls James Spader for his voice, which honestly scares the shit out of me. James Spader could convince you to quit your job as a CEO of a major company and give it to him because his voice and how he talks is so hypnotizing, and Whedon said, "lets make that guy Ultron!"

He is 8 feet tall. He is made of heavy indestructible metals. They gave him lasers in each of his fingers. They gave him blood red glowing eyes. He's truly scary!

As you can see above, Ultron has a deadly set of lasers! But also take note of his armor. The silver shining metal is the majority of his exterior. His shoulders, his forearm, his sides and top of his skull, and his elbows are all a darker color.

Joss filmed half the movie and said, "you know what? This is the most scary F***** thing Ive ever put in a Marvel movie. Lets make him even more terrifying! Add more body armor!"

The newest TV spot reveals that body armor to us...

Are you curled up in the fetal position yet? As if Ultron wasn't dangerous enough with his army of he's gone and upgraded himself to be covered in a dark gray/blueish armor.

Does wearing armor over your armor remind you of anyone?

I'm talking to YOU Stark!
I'm talking to YOU Stark!

They're definitely going to play off the whole "like father like son" thing with Tony and Ultron.

Just check out that arm! Almost TMNT Shredder-esq.

Looking between the image featuring lasers and this one, we can plainly see that Ultron gets an upgrade. The question is...what is his new armor made from?

1. Uru Metal. Thors hammer is not in this shot. Could Ultron have somehow copied the metal of the hammer to make his new armor? Or melted the Uru down somehow? This is the least likely option.

2. Captain America's Shield. Made up of Vibranium, Captain America's shield is a symbol of freedom and heroism. The shield is stronger than steel and a third of the weight. It's completely vibration absorbent. While this is a highly possible option, it seems unlikely considering how much armor Ultron gains. There just isn't enough metal in the shield to make that....which leads us to option 3!

3. Vibranium Ore. Ulysses Klaw is on the hunt for something in Avengers Age of Ultron. Played by Andy Serkis, we know Klaw makes and appearance, but why? Is he working for Ultron? Ultron could have hired him to find enough of the extremely rare ore metal, which would then be used to build his unstoppable armor. Klaws search leads him to Wakanda, the home of the Black Panther. He steals the metal, and sets up a rivalry between him and Black Panther later on. That could be why the Avengers have a final battle with Ultron in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its near Wakanda, and Klaw has to make the drop to Ultron. This is the most likely option.

Whatever the case may be, Thor is getting his butt kicked by Ultron! And we see Scarlet Witch screaming on her knees. This scream of hers seems emotional. Could Ultron have killed Quicksilver with his new and improved armor?

Check out the full TV spot here...

Avengers Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1st!


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