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Over at Horribly Hooched HQ we're celebrating April Fools all month long - an event we're terming '(S)Laughter Month' - and as a result we'll be featuring some of the best, and best of the worst, in the Horror Comedy genre!

In that spirit, Papa Bacchus is bringing you the hilariously cheesy, campy, disgusting and occasionally side splitting ZOMBEAVERS!


Fitting in with the redneck vibe of the film, I found myself inspired by one of my favorite local bars The Liquid Kitty, which features the Low Life Special - a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) along with a shot of the well liquor of your choice. 'Well' meaning bottom shelf house booze - I went with Early Times, easily the best bourbon in a plastic bottle you're likely to find.

Not the tastiest combo but it'll fix you with a nice buzz.


A barrel of green radioactive goo falls off a truck and infects a beaver dam, turning them into the titular monsters that in turn terrorize a group of friends on a weekend getaway trying to enjoy some casual sex and recreational drinking.

Not exactly the most revolutionary story line.

Still, thats kind of the point. You really don't want a silly little thing like 'plot' getting in the way of vagina puns and gory puppets.

You are what you eat...
You are what you eat...



There's some decent special effects and make up going on here, even if the beavers are comically terrible - the damage they cause is pretty spectacular.


I've been juggling adjectives for a bit here but I honestly think 'solid' is about as apt as it gets. From the quirky adorable chick from Dumb and Dumber To (Rachel Melvin) to comedic relief Buck (Peter Gilroy) everyone's delivery is on point, they clearly understand their characters, and there isn't a weak link in the bunch.


Jordan Rubin and Al and Jon Kaplan absolutely KILLED IT on the script. Perfect punch lines and excellent pacing are the true saving grace of Zombeavers, and what elevates what could be another SyFy channel abortion to Must See quality.


YES - Inner adolescent delight!


Zombeavers is a cleverly put together piece from start to finish - very nearly masterful in composition, when viewed in comparison with most other Creature Feature Horror Comedies.

Right off the bat you have a rib tickling intro featuring the stylings of one of the best comedians out there Bill Burr, who expounds on the pro's and cons of going gay ("I mean it was great - 'wanna grab a beer?' 'sure' 'wanna catch the game?' yeah!' but I couldn't do the whiskers man") that adroitly sets the stage for the rest of the movie.

There on in, there really isn't a dull moment, even down to the clever set dressing (hint: look for the Lorem Ipsum beer. Industry jokes YAY!) and the ridiculous sound effects.

Seriously, the beavers sound like...well...

Even the beaver transformation is exceptionally well done, though I won't go into detail for fear of spoilers, suffice to say it rivals that of many werewolf movies.

Bottom line: in many respects, it lives up to what you expect a movie titled 'Zombeavers' would be, so come for that alone. Stay for the sidesplitting writing ("Is it on steroids or something??" "Mary does it LOOK like a baseball player?") and the surprisingly superb special effects.

TL;DR 7.5/10 - Hot and heavy beaver on beaver action - silly fun thats perfect for a night with friends.


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