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We all have grown fond of Doctor who. To the frights, suspense, romance, sadness, and of course when the doctor is left alone. Still we grow to love the people who go on his adventure and even start to ship them together. Still what could have happened to them? Here is a theory for each person


Rose Tyler was shipped constantly with the 10th doctor. We expected her to be with the doctor forever.

Which sadly became not the future we had hoped for them. As soon as she was sucked in it broke all our hearts. Not to mention the last time they had to talk where he vanished before saying the three words "I love you" Still she came back to warn the doctor of the bad wolf. Where the doctor's hand was reincarnated to be half human and doctor. Back in the other universe the double doctor who I assume called himself John Smith.

This made us feel in aw and capture what would have been. My guess is that she slowly accepted this doctor and grew a life with him. That would be everyone's thought. So goodbye Rose and be happy.


In my eyes she was just a rebound. During a time where she met Rose is what lead to her deciding to just stay at home and stop. Her future was pretty much decided already. Her journey with the doctor was mostly filled with one-sided love. She of course ended up with Mikey.

Well then goodbye.


On a one night adventure with the doctor she decided not to go which then left her in void and in search for the doctor. Sadly she grew to get some waves or energy of the doctor which the doctor sealed off and let her have a normal life. We all know she ended up getting married of course and with that lottery ticket I'm sure she lived rich.

Amy and Rory Ponds

These two lovebirds traveled with Doctor. They ended up having a half doctor and half human baby called River. Though their baby grew up fast without them knowing their childhood friend was her it is kinda sad.

Sadly the Angels got both Rory and Amy still this is my guess. Amy grew to write books and since she couldn't have kids, they adopted children or maybe didn't have kids and worked in a orphanage. Rory probably worked in fields or in the orphanage.


She was the impossible girl!!! She is with the new doctor of course. She had her future ahead of her with this man.

He then of course died. What if he didn't though?! What if he has a future still remember him?

yeah see future children and so on. Still maybe everything works out for clara or maybe just maybe clara rewrites history or history rewrites itself. Clara might even get with the doctor since she left a heirloom behind.

Well that's all the time I have today Adios.


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