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Its been clear for the last few weeks that the current AOS stories are laying the groundwork for Captain America Civil War. That movie will be a face off between the Captain and Iron Man over the government’s attempt to regulate superhumans. However at the moment there are relatively few supers, the most famous being the Avengers who are public figures. Registering them makes no sense. Others such as Angar the Screamer can be contained by current law procedures.

However the Inhumans are a different matter. Skye/Quake is a walking WMD . The fear of having hundreds or even thousands of people with potentially devastating powers would certainly cause governments to react.

A couple of years ago the comic books had the Terrigenisis Bomb release the mist on a global scale so people who had the Inhuman gene transitioned into their true Inhuman form. (Incidentally giving Marvel Kamala Khan, the new Ms Marvel which has been a popular character.)

. In the episode “Who you really are” we learn there was more than one diviner. It appears someone , maybe Hydra , has stolen a whole box of them. Thats enough to generate hundreds of Inhumans, many more if the Terrigenesis mist can be duplicated.

I think we will see something similar to the Terrigenisis Bomb . A release of the mist which will create many more supers. I expect Hydra will try to control them or even use the fear generated for their own purposes.

Tony Stark and NuSHIELD will line up on the side of the Registration Act fearing the Inhumans will bring ruin to Earth. Steve Rogers and Coulson’s team -TruSHIELD will fight it as they realize this is the path to concentration camps and gas chambers.

The battle will not be pretty.


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