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So after I watched 17. episode of the Flash I really got really big compulsion to write something about that. I really liked the episode, because James Jesse is one of my most favorite DC villains and because Mark Hamill is one of my most favorite actors at all. But this episode also shown so many from doctor Wells' s past and it halfly told the truth about him. And by this, I warn you, this post is full of my opinions, what will happen next etc. so if you don' t wanna know, what is going to happen, stop reading now.

I would like to start with this video:

This video shows, that when Barry' s mother died, Reverse Flash wasn' t there alone, there was Flash too, probably saving his mother (but doctor Wells said before to Cisco, that his true intension was to kill Barry, not Nora). But what' s more interesting and I think more important is, that we see someone else in Reverse Flash costume after he puts his mask off.

Are you wondering who it is? Eobard Thawne or as he is called in the show erlier, Eddie Thawne!

In first Harrisson Wells' s/Eobard Thawne' s flashback is Harrisson Wells sitting on the beach with his wife Tess Morgan. He already thinks about the concept of S.T.A.R. Labs. I think he started S.T.A.R. Labs in original reality and because the explosion of Particle accelerator, Barry became Flash.

In this scene, Harrisson and Tess go back home in car, but Eobard Thawne catches them into his trap on the road. When whole car flew up and fall down, almost dead Harrisson realizes, Tess is dead and starts to scream for help. Eobard looks into the car for few seconds on Tess and Harrisson implore him to help, but Eobard just says: "This woman has been dead for centuries..." Exacly like Harrisson told to Cisco, but:

So, my own theory is, that real Harrisson Wells started S.T.A.R. Labs, Particle accelerator exploded and Barry became Flash. Barry revealed to Eddie, that he is Flash in 17. episode and Eddie is going to find out, how Barry became Flash and he' ll find a way to connect Negative Speed Force. Then He will travel to the past, followed by Barry to kill Barry as a young boy, but because of Barry as the Flash, he will accidentaly kill his mother. But then, Barry will come back again to his correct time and Eddie/Eobard will stay in the time before 15 years, because his Negative Speed Force can' t work without Barry in the same time. So he will need to stay there. Then, he will get an idea to get Wells' s image and start S.T.A.R. Labs because he needs Barry to become Flash.

That is only my theory, it doesn' t have to be correct, but I think, it makes sense.


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