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The other day, when I discovered the trailer for The Strain's Second Season, I started to think about a fandom name. I got acquainted to this fandom thing thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch's fierce army of women, called the "Cumberbitches" (which Cumberbatch himself has said he actually dislikes). For me, I used to think Benedict Cumberbatch was just so incredibly unattractive, that I couldn't understand why all these women were so crazy about him. Then I saw him as Khan in Star Trek and well, there was no turning back for me.

Thanks to this I discovered a whole new world, called "Fandom World". I didn't know either that My Little Pony's majority of fans are grown up men who call themselves "bronies". Also and because my frequent visits to Pinterest I discovered the "whovians". What seems to me the most interesting thing about fandoms is actually the kind of person who ends up as a fan. Would you expect a TV show from the '80's about magical little horses to have so many adult fans? Or Dr. Who to have so many teenage girls fans? My answer to both questions is no. I have a very muscular, tall and masculine friend who is a "twifan, " (haha, I can't help it. It's a funny name), or the least funny and unoriginal "twilighters". There's also the Twatlighters, but they are not a fandom, they are a "hatedom". Yes, this world is crazy.

Then I went to the dark corners of the Internet to search for more fandom names, and there I found the name for The Strain's fandom, The Master's Minions. I was expecting something more colorful, I don't know, something more striking. But oh well, it is what it is. I came too late to the meeting for choosing a name. Ok, so I had that one sorted, but I was still curious. How many things exist that have fandoms? The answer is as many as stars in the sky, apparently.

If you like Jane Austen, you are a "Janeite" (the second part of my quest will be to search for how to pronounce "Janeite"). "The Cavillry" is for fans of Henry Cavill. That one is, by the way, an interesting play on words. Of course they are on Pinterest, and for an outsider it looks like a shrine built for Arnold by Helga G. Pataki. Do you remember that episode?

Poor Helga. I know your pain, sister!
Poor Helga. I know your pain, sister!

Here is the entire episode in case you had a nostalgia attack, like me:

I had no idea this was such a big thing. I should have known I kind of belong to a fandom: I have liked Pearl Jam since like forever, and they call their fans "jammers", but never occurred to me that was fandom, or maybe, back in the '90's it didn't have a name. I remember in those days, when snail mail was still a thing and email wasn't even a word, it was a big thing to belong to a fan club. A guy from my class was a huge admirer of Rick Astley. Yes, Rick Astley, you read that right. He was a member of the fan club and one day he got, via mail, an autographed photo. Of course all of the sudden he was the flavor of the month, even if most of us only knew "Never Gonna Give You Up". The thing with me is I don't get that involved in things, as to call myself a member of anything. I like to play games, but I do it so casually that I wouldn't call myself a gamer, and even if I have followed Pearl Jam's trajectory for about 20 years, I feel weird to say I'm a "jammer", also, sounds strange. I guess it's nice to feel like you belong to something, that there are more people that enjoy this unique, awesome thing you thought only you liked, but I don't like how some people take it as a sport and compete to each other, trying to find out which one is the most obsessive, devoted, crazy fan base. I would not partake on that. By the way, in recent days I read this article, and according to it the most devoted fan base is the Game of Thrones one. I totally believe that.

I see people living and kind of dying for the things they are into, but I'm not so much like that. Besides movies, and tv shows, and actors, also writers and singers have their fandoms, but I found some names really ridiculous, like Barbz: first of all, who in their right mind would be a Nicky Minaj fan? and secondly what on earth is a barbz? I think the one who really helped this sillines to take off was Justin Bieber and his beliebers, am I right?


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