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It's hard to believe that Mad Max Fury Road is Tom Hardy's first attempt at being the lead actor in a big action movie. The guy has done his fair share of supporting work in some the big Christopher Nolan movies Inception and Dark Knight Rises - but in Mad Max Fury Road, Tom Hardy is attempting to launch his own big time action franchise and he'll be the first to let you know that what you should expect is "f**king unbelievable".

Mad Max Fury Road as Apocalyptic Western

In a very entertaining interview with Esquire, it is revealed that Tom Hardy has signed up for three more Mad Max adventures which writer/director George Miller already has planned out. If all goes well with Mad Max Fury Road, we'll get to see more apocalyptic adventures of Hardy's Max Rockatansky and what happens after he helps Charlize Theron's Furiosa cross the desert and escape the clutches of Immortan Joe.

Mad Max Fury Road brings its own brand of action.
Mad Max Fury Road brings its own brand of action.

The second full length trailer for Mad Max Fury Road does help flesh-out the little plot there is in this 2-hour car chase of a movie. Tom Hardy describes it as a "western on wheels" and there is a bit of a Wagon-Train-on-acid vibe to the proceedings. If you haven't indulged yet, now's the time to get on board! Crank the volume, press play and try not to hyperventilate over the abundance of awesomeness that is unleashed in this trailer.

From what we can gather, it looks like both Tom Hardy's Max and Charlize Theron's Furiosa and her band of female refugees are both in need of escaping from this insane camp that Immortan Joe is running. At some point they decide to band together to increase their chances of survival and reach the other side of this desert.

Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron Fight For Freedom

It looks like Joe is in the habit of keeping a brood of ladies locked behind a huge bank vault door and when he opens it he discovers they have escaped and left him the message, "We Are Not Things". The chase begins - and it looks like they've strapped Max Rockatansky to their flagship vehicle like a glorified hood ornament.

A description of some footage that was shown at this year's SXSW festival helps explain things a bit more. At the beginning of the second act, Max is able to get free from his perch atop the Immortan Joe caravan - but he's chained to the lifeless body of Nichols Hoult, who begins the movie as one of Immortan Joe's white-faced goons, and still wearing his iron mask.

Charlize Theron has a bone to pick with Tom Hardy.
Charlize Theron has a bone to pick with Tom Hardy.

Carrying Nicholas Hoult over his shoulder, he's united with Charlize Theron's one-armed Furiosa, it appears she has a mechanical arm she uses from time to time, and her band of freedom seeking woman. After a bit of a tussle, the two form an uneasy pact that will eventually form into a bond as they try to escape the approaching monsters on wheels.

Keep the Mad Max Action Coming

Tom Hardy has said that he has all but somewhere between 4 and 20 lines of dialog in the movie and the insanely energetic trailers do indeed make it seem like the movie says what it needs to say through jaw dropping action and death defying stunt work.

Tom Hardy's Mad Max rises from the ashes.
Tom Hardy's Mad Max rises from the ashes.

Not enough action movies are relying on practical effects over CGI and creating the kinds of thrilling and unique stunts that Fury Road is bringing in just the trailers alone. We'll see if the movie can sustain the intense action over the course of the entire movie but I'll be first in line to find out.

Here's hoping that Mad Max Fury Road becomes the huge blockbuster hit it deserves to be. George Miller already has two more movies planned out, with Mad Max: Furiosa originally intended to be the immediate follow up to Fury Road. Action fans, unite! Let's all make sure the Mad Max insanity continues!

What do you think? Will you be there opening weekend? Will [Mad Max: Fury Road](movie:41445) deliver the goods and then some? Are there any doubts that this will be the best action movie of the year?

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