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Everyone who has seen Frozen knows the plotline of the story. Elsa has powers, she strikes Anna's heart, and if Anna can't get an act of true love in time, she will die. Well, freeze anyway. But Anna doesn't get struck until she actually finds Elsa. So she, Kristoff, and Olaf set off together to find her when she runs away. Once they do find her, and Anna is struck, they head back home, but take a detour to Kristoff's rock-troll family. It's there that Grandpapi tells Anna that she will freeze if she doesn't get an act of true love. But that's not the only thing that's said when with the trolls.

Before the rocks turn into trolls, Olaf and Anna just think Kristoff had gone nuts. Olaf, being as sweet as he is, tries to get Anna to "safety." He says, and I quote,

Because I love you, I insist you run.
Because I love you. LOVE!!!!! It was right there! Who said an act of true love had to be a kiss? Elsa is the one who saved Anna, remember? ELSA. Her SISTER. And Elsa never kissed Anna, all she did was cry on her! If that counts as an act of true love, then why shouldn't a snowman hug? After all, Olaf did say he loved warm hugs. Could they have been overcomplicating things? Let's just see how things go in Frozen 2.......


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