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There are plenty of directions that Bioware could take Mass Effect 4 into the expanses of the universe. With such an incredible and dynamic world under their control, the next installment in the [Mass Effect](movie:589200) franchise could really take us anywhere. Players of course have their preferences, and a recent plot idea has me really excited for Mass Effect 4!

But if the series followed the route of [Metal Gear Solid](movie:593264), how would players feel if the Mass Effect series actually went backwards instead of forwards? If Bioware created as great a game as Metal Gear Solid 3 with a Mass Effect prequel, would you be satisfied? Or should they take our endings and allow them to have an impact on the future of the galaxy?

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Should Mass Effect 4 Be A Prequel?

There are a lot of new places that we want to see within this universe. New planets, new races, new characters. Therefore, a prequel to the original series feels strange to us. Bioware have actually stated that our save files won't make a massive impact on Mass Effect 4. Naturally, they want to ensure that those who haven't played the games before can hop in without feeling lost.

But we'd also like to see that our save files mattered. If a prequel was on the cards for Mass Effect 4, I would eventually want it to conclude after the events of Mass Effect 3. Perhaps we could start off as a young character who eventually grows up in the new world that Shepard's choices have created. That'd be something I'd be interested in, but flying back to the days of the Protheans or the First Contact War don't sound as interesting as a whole new time we know nothing about!

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

But in the hypothetical situation that Mass Effect 4 actually gave us something akin to that of Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 3, maybe I couldn't really argue against it. If Bioware restructured the history of Mass Effect and showed us something that we thought was true but had a completely different concealed truth, I'd be pretty excited about that idea!

But still. We can't help but wonder how our limited choices at the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 have impacted upon the world. I personally want to see Mass Effect 4 take me into the future, but if it ran in tandem with Shepard's adventures, maybe that wouldn't be all that bad. Let us know how you'd feel about Mass Effect 4 being a prequel and whether you'd appreciate a sequel more!


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