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Stay toasty, fellas! Dat boi has arrived.
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Everyone is extremely hyped and excited to see the new turn of events that are going to take place on this show. The writers have beautifully written it and have managed to create an amazing storyline with a balance of love, thrill, suspense and of course, speed.

So here's my favourite "Top 5 Moments" from this episode.

#5. Inclusion of Mark Hamill as "The Trickster"

Then and Now
Then and Now

This was an ingenious move by the writers. Mark Hamill is one of the best veteran actors on-screen and has a great sense of humour. His perfection cannot be judged. He acted brilliantly in this episode, just as brilliantly like he did in the 90's Flash series starring John Wesley Shipp as the Flash. John, who now acts as the father of Grant Gustin in the new show, says that it was great to work with Mark again. Mark also tweeted a picture of him and John, saying that he was quite keen to work with John again.

#4. Barry reveals himself to his father and to Eddie Thawne

A happy moment shared between Barry and his dad.
A happy moment shared between Barry and his dad.

This was a really heart warming scene and it was good to see Barry finally revealing himself to his dad, who already had a hunch about it. Hey, he's Barry's dad after all! He knows Barry inside out!

Barry reveals himself as the Flash to Eddie
Barry reveals himself as the Flash to Eddie

This was totally unexpected, and all the fans were like, "OMG!!!" Barry finally takes off his mask and reveals himself to Eddie, for the sake of Iris. Iris is investigating the sudden disappearance of Mason Bridge, her senior journalist who has actually been killed by the Reverse Flash. To keep her safe, Barry, Joe and Eddie come together and wave her off from the case, by lying about Mason. They tell her that he has run off with a girl, to take a break. Touché, haha.

#3. Accessing the speedforce to "Phase Through" objects

Barry uses the speedforce (as guided by Wells) to phase through a wall, while he was running around with a speed bomb attached to his wrists. How cool is that?!! I had the biggest nerdgasm ever. It was totally epic. I just hope that they explain the speedforce on the show in detail, and that would be even more amazing.

#2. Real identity of the Reverse Flash

Matt Letscher reveals himself as Eobard Thawne
Matt Letscher reveals himself as Eobard Thawne

The second most amazing moment was the reveal of the actual Reverse Flash that killed Barry's mom, Nora Allen, 15 years ago. He is played by Matt Letscher, who shows himself to be Eobard Thawne.

#1. Who is Harrison Wells?!

Harrison Wells, who is actually Eobard Thawne
Harrison Wells, who is actually Eobard Thawne

The best reveal. The perfect disguise. Dr. Harrison Wells. He is Eobard Thawne!!!

Now this is very confusing to comprehend, but here it is.

Eobard Thawne travels back in time to kill Barry, but ends up killing his mom instead. After which, Barry escapes to his own timeline, but Eobard is left behind as he cannot access the speedforce. He cannot go back to his own era, due to some unexplained reason. He needs the Flash's speed to do so. And so, he goes to real good-guy scientist Harrison Wells, kills him and his wife, takes his body and masquerades as him. He re creates the particle accelerator's explosion which gives birth to the Flash. All of this happens quite late in the future, but since Eobard needs to return back, he disrupts the timeline by creating it earlier.

In short, Eobard is wearing a meat shield. He is literally inside Harrison Wells (ugh sounds weird).

So that's that, folks, hope you liked it!


How was the episode according to you?


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