ByRobin Shields, writer at
Recovering Banker
Robin Shields

I often question Hollywood’s intelligence and this scenario reinforces the doubt. The Ghostbusters franchise is one of those classics you just shouldn’t mess with. But, that never stopped them before. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see a Ghostbusters without Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and now that Harold Ramis has passed, Well…

I can see why they want a GB3, Hollywood is making sequels and prequels to anything and everything possible. Otherwise, they have decided that every story possible has been made into a movie and are on a mission to remake anything that had a modicum of success.

First, there is an all female version, then an all male version. Why, just why? And probably neither one is going to measure up to the original, but now we have dueling scenarios.

If there has to be a GB3, why not have a male/female mixed cast?


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