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Hiya there friends. I wasn't planning on doing a review but the level of stupid needs to be addressed for the people who don't even like Superman/Wonder Woman #17. Again why are you reading something that you don't like.... the stupid just mind boggling... that's $3.99 you could have saved for something you do enjoy.... In the words of Red Forman from That 70's Show... Dumbass... ROFL.

But let's move on the the issue #17. Peter, Doug and Ed are in getting into the groove. The art is the best yet. Switching between Doug and Ed's work was pretty amazing. Their two very different blend pretty well together. So as a fan of art I happen to love them both.

Peter like Charles brought his first arc full circle.

This panel is from SMWW #13... Consider the following- if you are cop, a soldier, a fireman or woman or doctor you always remember the ones you couldn't save. You weren't fast enough, you didn't try hard enough... Imagine watching someone you were about to save die before your very eyes... Deep shit right. For Superman he copes by writing. He uses his words to make sure that that person's life is not lost in the sea of people he protects.

Unlike Superman, Wonder Woman comes from a culture where death is a fact of life. People fight and people die. One must take into account the Amazons are warriors and death must come to us all. Diana doesn't completely why he burdens himself by dwelling on those lost but as in all things we learn and grow.

So this brings us to SMWW #17... The one they could not save David aka Magog. Circe throws Diana's failings in her face. Look at what you caused Amazon... Your Amazon upbringing brought this monster to life. Your lack of compassion did this... Diana watches helplessly at the loss of life being unleashed by Magog upon the innocent. To add insult to injury Circe gives Diana a choose. Save Superman or stop Magog. She can't choose both.... Diana stares into Superman's face. Him or the people.... him or the people... Diana choose to stop Magog but leaves her lasso behind in Superman's hand.

As Diana battles Magog Superman battles Circe's control.

"I will break you!" she screamed, but to no avail.

Superman breaks free and joins Diana her battle with Magog... KO SMWW wins! Like the theme from Speed Racer says... You have beaten us SMWW but I solemnly swear you shall pay for our defeat. We shall fight you again soon...and we shall beat you... hahaha! Circe will be back with bigger guns.

So this end the first arc... After seeing what happened to David, a little boy who fell through the cracks, Diana decides to do as Clark does... write.

Stupid level decon 5 alert... Its a journal. Keeping a journal doesn't mean you are going to show up at the Daily Planet and become a reporter. If that was remotely true then every girl and some boys ever to live on the planet are all reporters just because they kept a journal. Diana is a Queen, a diplomat and a superhero... does she have time to do roving reporter on the I guess the fact I enjoy cooking means I am a Michelin star level master chief... Join Kristen Lavallen tonight on her Food Network TV show Some Like it Hot...pots...

Ok ok let's get back to being serious. Clark grew up around humans and because of that he has a connection to them. Diana didn't . Seeing David aka Magog did something to her. Maybe Clark was right. The victories aren't the only things that should be remembered and those that were lost shouldn't be forgotten. So she does as Clark does... she wrote them down. Making connections with humanity as he does.

Learning from one another and growing closer together isn't that what a relationship is suppose to be about? Two different people coming together learning from each other? Sharing in each others passions? Waking up in their apartments? But that's none of my business... hehe

So I enjoyed myself .... that is my rating. Don't take my word of it read it for yourself... so let's say 9.7... sense it's making me... Judgemental review format hehe. SMWW #18 is back June 17 as of now. A new arc, new costumes and another amazing journey... Down the rabbit hole we go!


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