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The Power Rangers have been a part of peoples lives over 20 years now, giving fun entertainment to the past two and a half generations. Last year, Saban Brands produced the newest season of Power Rangers titled Super Megaforce which was a direct sequel season to the preceding Megaforce, and tied it directly to the rest of the series, dating all the way back to fan-favorite Mighty Morphin'. This season finds the Rangers defending the Earth from an alien force known as the Armada who have taken over most of the galaxy, including a planet called Andresia, home to Orion, the Megaforce Silver Ranger. To defeat the Armada, the Rangers must channel the power of the Legendary Rangers, thus giving them their powers and abilities (and their suits).

Available in Stores on April 14
Available in Stores on April 14

On Tuesday, April 14th, Saban Brands and Lionsgate will release Volume 3 of the season entitled "The Perfect Storm" and Moviepilot asked me to view it and to write an article on what I thought. You could call this a review, but I like to think of it as a telling of how Saban is using continuity (which happens to be one of my favorite things in movies and TV) to bring the Power Rangers back to the front-line of family entertainment.

Let's begin!

(P.S. mild spoilers will follow)

Episode 1: The Power of Six

Every Sixth Ranger mask, in one convenient location
Every Sixth Ranger mask, in one convenient location

This episode finds a recently-landed-on-earth Orion who has become the Megaforce Silver Ranger and is adjusting to life on Earth. When in the battlefield, the Rangers channel the RPM Rangers and Orion is forced to choose between two add-on Rangers.

Gosei (Megaforce's version of Zordon) then gives Orion the ability to fuse the two together. He later learns how to fuse all of the six Rangers together into one, super-charged mode. The result is the known as Megaforce Gold Ranger

While nearly every installment of Power Rangers has had a crossover episode with the preceding installment, this shows that the different shows are still all connected.

Episode 2: The Perfect Storm

It's like a Decepticon Wall-E but in Power Rangers!
It's like a Decepticon Wall-E but in Power Rangers!

This episode is where the DVD volume finds its title, and is probably my least favorite episode on the DVD. There was of course, some Legendary Ranger action but it didn't use the canon in the same way. The episode finds Tensou (the show's version of Alpha 5) getting struck by lightning and losing his memory. The Rangers take to the streets to find him before something bad happens to him.

They find him

This episode has almost no tie in to anything plot-wise to Super Megaforce, or the rest of the canon in general. It's just a fun little episode to kill time until the legendary battle.

Episode 3: Love is In the Air

This episode finds Levira getting the hots for Jake (The Black/Green Ranger) due to a spell miscast from a former lover. Not much happens in this episode but it shows a little bit of a relationship starting to sprout between Jake and Gia (the Yellow Ranger). Orion does not appear in this episode, so no Gold Ranger action.

No real spoiler for this one. Made you look!

Episode 4: United As One

Yes, they're in DIno Thunder suits
Yes, they're in DIno Thunder suits

This episode was probably my favorite one of all, especially since I wasn't into Power Rangers until I watched Dino Thunder growing up. This episode, according to Saban Brands, is a full on tribute to Power Rangers Dino Thunder, and that hooked me because out of 20 years of Power Ranger awesomeness, Dino Thunder remains on my absolute favorites list. This episode is more focused on Emma and Orion than anyone else. When an Armada General comes to Earth stealing happiness from people, the Rangers jump in to stop him.

Emma uses her unconventional methods to trap and take down this baddie. Her and Orion work together to stop him.

As earlier stated, I really enjoyed the homage to the Dino Thunder style of which they did the episode.

Episode 5: The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer


This episode goes Freaky Friday style when an Armada General makes Jake and Noah (the Blue Ranger) trade bodies. This episode is yet another time killer until the legendary finale (which is NOT included in the volume). However, this does still allude to the blossoming relationship between Jake and Gia.

They do find a way to revert back to their respective bodies.

It's a funny episode, but it doesn't have much pertaining to the greater plot.

Final Verdict

The Power Rangers, as I stated earlier, have always had a place in almost everyone's hearts. They probably always will. This volume, entitled "Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Perfect Storm" is amazing, and I would recommend watching it to anyone who has a heart for the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce Volume 3, "The Perfect Storm is Now Available on DVD and Digital


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