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Hello everyone ! Today, I continue my trip through the possibilities of Marvel Studios to bring in their shared universe the heroes we love (unless you're a hater, then, enjoy yourself :p).

Note : This is the second part of the trip. The first is here !

So, as you noticed while reading the title, I will be talking about our lovely Yggdrasil inhabitants. Enjoy ;).

Oh, and as I will only talk about Asgardian etc. all the characters will be set to appear, in my mind, in Thor: Ragnarok.

Hela is the daughter of Loki
Hela is the daughter of Loki

Hela, Goddess of Death

Who is she ? Hela is the daughter of Loki. Yep. And she might appear in Ragnarok, as it is the Asgardian apocalypse, which means : death for everyone (yay) ! Also, in Norse mythology, Hela, under the orders of her father, has to lead the armies of the dead to Asgard for the epic battle of apocalypse.

What can she do, actually ? Well, she is, as every Lord Sorcerer (as I like to call them), the mistress of her realm, Hel (and, sometimes, Niffleheim), the world of the dead people. This means that she has her powers increased. She can kill someone just by touching him, and she is a skillful witch : she can project magical energy bursts, build magical shields, fly, teleport and modify her appearance. She also can control the deads' souls, and transform into a swarm of crows. Yes, she's a badass chick.

Actress : Monica Bellucci *o*

The Witch and the Warrior (roll credits !)
The Witch and the Warrior (roll credits !)

Amora The Enchantress, and Skurge the Executionner

Who are they ? Amora is the older sister of Lorelei, the Asgardian witch who appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., played by Elena Satine. She is a witch too (as her codename tells us), specialized in the manipulation of the emotions, mostly the men's ones. She is usually deeply in love for Thor, but the feels are not shared, and she becomes evil because of jealousy etc.

Skurge is in love with Amora, and for this reason, he chose to become her bodygard/henchman. He is half Giant, which is why he was often humiliated on his homeworld : Jotunheim. He finally escaped this planet to become the henchman of the Enchantress.

Both would be big allies for Loki, as Enchantress is very powerful, and Skurge is even as strong as Kurse, but with a magical axe additionnaly.

What can they do ? Amora is one of the most powerful witches of the Nine Worlds. She can project magical energy, build magical barriers, and she is specialized in emotions manipulation and shapeshifting. She uses her magic abilities to enhance her charisma and enchanted her lips to make slaves of the ones she kisses.

Skurge is half Giant, half Asgardian, which means he has enhanced strenght, stamina and invulnerability. He also possesses a magical axe which allows him to project flame bursts, icy tendrills, and open interdimensional rifts.

Actors : For Skurge, Bill Goldberg ; for Amora, Diane Kruger

Karnilla could appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron
Karnilla could appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Karnilla, Queen of Norns

Who is she ? Karnilla is the Queen of Nornheim, a region of Asgard. She is usually considered as a villain, as she has often tried to fight against Thor, and allied Loki in his conquest wills. She was in love for a long time with Balder the Brave, Thor's brother. Please note that a rumor has it that Karnilla is set to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. She could have her role to play in Ragnarok, by fighting along with Hela and Loki, or have a cameo.

What can she do ? As Amora used to be her pupil, Karnilla taught her the mystic arts. Indeed, Karnilla is one of the most powerful witches of the Nine Worlds. As the Queen of Norns, who are the Goddesses of Destiny, she may have some power above fate and luck. And, as Hela, she is a Lord Sorceress, which means her powers increase in Nornheim.

Actress : Eva Green !

Balder and Tyr are both the best warriors of Asgard
Balder and Tyr are both the best warriors of Asgard

Tyr, Hermod and Balder

Who are they ? Those three guys are Thor's brothers, then they would have a big role to play in the battle of Asgard, during Ragnarok. Tyr has already appeared in Thor: The Dark World, as he is the Commander of the Einherjar, the army of Asgard, but I think that's not sufficient for a Thor's brother. He is the the God of War.

Hermod is the God of Speed and the Herald/Messenger of the Gods. He is not a prominent character, but it could be interesting to explore Thor's family (plus, Hermod could be so cool).

Balder is the God of Light, Beauty and Arts. He is considered as one of the best warriors of Asgard. He is the brother who is the nearest to Thor.

What can they do ? As the God of War, Tyr is stronger than the other Asgardians, and he is skilled in the use of many weapons.

Hermod has super-speed, basically.

Balder can teleport, manipulate light, project energy, and communicate with animals.

Actors : Richard Madden for Balder ; no idea for Hermod

Concept art for the video game Thor: God of Thunder
Concept art for the video game Thor: God of Thunder


Who is he ? Surtur is the King of the Fire Demons, who live in Muspelheim. This world was briefly seen in Thor: The Dark World during the Convergence. Surtur is an old enemy of Odin, who was chained in his own world as he tried to conquer the Nine Worlds. He is the mortal enemy of the Frost Giants, and he often tries to destroy Asgard. He is one of the principal actors of Ragnarok.

What can he do ? He is composed of living flames, which are so strong they can affect the temperature of Earth. He can do some pyrokinesis, and he can manipulate magical energy. He also has super-strength

Voice Actor : Christopher Lee

Artwork of Ymir in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Artwork of Ymir in Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Who is he ? Ymir is one of the oldest figures of Norse cosmology. He is the first living being of the universe, according Norse myths, as he was born from the encounter of Muspelheim and Niffleheim. From his body were born other giants, a man, a woman, and a son. He is the king of the Ice Giants and of Niffleheim. He is then kind of rival of Laufey, the king of Frost Giants.

What can he do ? He basically has the same abilities as Surtur, but with ice instead of fire.

Voice Actor : Michael Gambon

That's all for now, folks ! But Hela, Karnilla, Enchantress, Skurge, Balder, Tyr, Hermod, Surtur and Ymir are not the only characters I'd like to see in Thor: Ragnarok.

And also : Kelda Stormrider, Bill from the Bills (because I want a romantic sub-plot that is well done in this franchise), Beta Ray Bill, Angela, Fenris, The Valkyrie and, why not, the Serpent and his Worthy.


And you, who do you want to see in Thor: Ragnarok ?

I hope that you liked this post, see you next time !^^


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