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I was chatting with creator, Jack Reneau about awesome replicas and collectibles from various movies and games, when it was decided we should make an article about it! We've made a list of some of our favorites and where you can buy them. You can check out Jack's article listing items from different movies here. Enjoy!

Note: Not all items listed may be in stock at this moment, but should be in the future.

Mass Effect

Tali Draped Hoodie - Carnifex Replica - Geth Pulse Rifle Replica - Pop Vinyl Figures

Whether you're dressed to take on the Geth, or armed to the teeth against the Reapers with your Pop Vinyl crew, you too can become as legendary as The Shepard! And if you're eyeing that Geth Pulse Rifle, you best act quick, as it's a limited edition... only 500 in existence!

Honorable Mentions: For the comic fans, there's a 416 page Mass Effect library edition. An Alliance Normandy SR-1 ship replica. And finally, for the board game lovers out there, there's a Mass Effect themed Risk.

The Last of Us

Ellie's Shirt (see also: tank top) - Joel's Shirt

If being dressed like Joel or Ellie during a zombie apocalypse isn't high up on your list, it should be. Insert Coin makes dressing up like your favorite game characters easy. They also have awesome references to games that will go under the radar for those who aren't familiar with the game. A little pricey, but so worth it.

Honorable Mentions: There doesn't seem to be many TLoU replicas (unless you check Alter Ego Productions on Etsy), but while we're speaking of Insert Coin, it's worth checking out their replica shirts for Silent Hill 2's James Sunderland, and Resident Evil's Albert Wesker.


Light-Up Torch - Cookie Cutters - Diamond Jewelry - Creeper Plush (with Sound)

Whether you're a griefer, adventurer, architect or farmer, you're going to need some supplies to make it through the night. One of the most explosively popular games in recent history has spawned an unbelievable amount of merchandise, and it's all ready to be bought and shipped directly to you for your hoarding needs. No more searching for dungeons and fortresses: The Minecraft Store is the first and last stop on your quest for greatness!

Honorable Mentions: There's a lot to choose from when it comes to Minecraft, and you really can't go wrong. Want some Minecraft LEGO? Action figures? Plushes? You can almost guarantee they have whatever you want. And in case you're buying these for loved ones, you could always pick up some diamond wrapping paper!


Vault 101 Hoodie - New CA Republic and Vault Tec Messenger Bags - Barter Bobblehead

I would've gladly done all those Wasteland Survival Guide missions if it meant I would've received these items as rewards. Scavenging the wastelands wouldn't be the same without your bobblehead companion, Vault Boy. And if you want to look sharp with your Vault 101 hoodie, or own an awesome messenger bag to carry all of your survival needs, you're all set!

Honorable Mentions: If you missed getting the bobblehead that came with the collector's edition of Fallout 3, you now have the option between 10 different bobbleheads on Bethesda's store!


Test Subject Jacket & Pants - Aperture Diner Mug - ASI Polos - PotatOS Plush (with Sound)

Portal is such a widely loved game, so there's tons of items laying about for the avid tester. Unfortunately, certain limited edition items like the portal gun have sold out, but you can still buy it on eBay if you're willing to spend more than the retail price. I know there's a lot of items to buy, but do it for science.

Honorable Mentions: To complete the look of Chell, you'll definitely need to pick up the Aperture Science tank top and the Long Fall socks. And this adorable companion cube sweater and Wheatley plush are must haves!

That's all for now!

Jack and I will definitely be making more of these in the future, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, let us know what items you want the most! I'm definitely drooling over all of those Insert Coin shirts. How about you?


What's one gaming franchise would you like to see us feature next?


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