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There are a number of amazing movie, literature and tv worlds that would be incredible to visit. After considering some of my favorites, I have decided to write about Storybrooke, Maine, from the television show Once Upon a Time. For me, this would be the ultimate vacation because of the variety of adventures that the characters have.

First, living in a world where magic exists would be incredible. I would love to discover that in this world I might have my own magical powers. It would be so much fun to learn how to create fire or dissipate into smoke as Regina does. I'm undecided as to whether it would be more fun to be a hero or a villain in this world. It appears that villains don't get to have happy endings, but I'm not sure that the heroes really do either. There seems to always be some new curse or threat that prevents the heroes from being able to relax. I'm not convinced that Snow and Charming can even still be considered heroes at this point in the show. Every season they reveal another terrible truth about their pasts.

I also think it would be fun to visit some of the other realms that they have been to on the show. Neverland, Wonderland, Arendelle, The Enchanted Forest and Oz. I have always imagined what it would be like to visit Neverland, and the possibility to journey there on the Jolly Roger with Captain Hook would be a dream come true. Wonderland with it's vibrant collection of wildly insane characters would be interesting for a brief visit. Arendelle is on my list primarily because of the rock trolls. I think that they would be really interesting to talk to. The Enchanted Forest and Oz would be fun to visit for the nostalgic feel of the traditional fairy tales that I grew up with.

Lastly, I think that meeting the characters from the show would be one of the best parts of this vacation. I could spend all day sipping coffee at Granny's diner and watching the people of the town come and go. I would likely spend a good amount of time in the town library with Belle. Perhaps waiting to receive my own mysterious page from the author. Hopefully my page would include a scene with Captain Hook/ Killian Jones. If I enjoyed my visit enough, I might even consider making a deal with Mr. Gold to find a way to stay. Though all magic comes with a price, it may still cost less than a traditional trip to Disney World.


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