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I am down on my knees crying out loud in laugh!
Yeah, you guessed, I just finished watching The Interview.
Will not add political aspect on this or give conclusion, let's everyone do that by their own values and perspectives. The movie itself isn't about to solve international conflicts either. However it pinpoints the well known "American way of: We will make it right" kinda mentality, the goal is simply to entertain.
But of course, nothing else is expected from Seth and James, not only starring but writing and producing the movie, so they did it again.

The Interview brings down the house!

James Franco is hillarious.

they rock
they rock

In case the Franco madness woudn't be enough
there's one thing even better than him: Kim Jong Un

they roll
they roll

"-Mr. Prime Leader!
-Just call me Kim..." has two faces shown, any of them would take the Oscars!

...but there is one thing even greater than the prime leader himself,
and that's: Katy Perry and the Fooouuurth of Juuulyyy...


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