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From several days I read in every movie site that there will be a transformers universe no one asked for and while I was reading, I first started to worry because I was like ,,Oh man they are going to ruin the franchaise'', but suddenly I realized that maybe can help the movie series because that means more series (you know things like part 1, part 2 or maybe even 3), more toys, more time waiting for the next movie and more everything, you know . As we are thinking for the transformers future let's get some years back. When the first movie came out it was one of the best days in my and in any other lives too maybe. I grow up watching the CYBERTRON, ENERGON, ARMADA and the TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED tv series. These shows were really good (my personal favourite are the PRIME series). In 2010 i understood the there was a second transformers movie and then seven mounths later came the DARK OF THE MOON trailer again I was very happy. In 2012 we all heard that Shia Labeof won't return for the fourth movie and suddenly the future of the transformers franchaise became precariously........ In the end of the 2013 summer end AGE OF EXTINCTION started filming, everyone was like ,,Oh yes man the fourth movie is happening'' and months later youtube was full of peoples reactions about the first tv spot and trailer. (I uploaded the tv spot and the trailer in case someone didn't saw them)

In August last I turned the tv on and in the news the reporter said ,, Today the biggest summer movie Transformers Age of Extinction reached 1 000 000 000 $ profit . This is really big profit for the move critics. As to the fueture of the franchise we still don't know who will replace Bay. For me the one who will replace Bay must be a transformers fan who knows how to continue the movie series in way that will expand the transformers universe to the limits. Hope you guys enjoy this and see you later.


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