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Attention Nintendo fans! What originally started out as an April Fool's joke is now becoming real. Get ready to return to the 90's, when Gameboys were it, and you carried that thing everywhere you went. Hyperkin has decided to actually create the SmartBoy, which turns your iPhone into a Gameboy.

Forget those pesky AA batteries. The SmartBoy is an attachment only available for iPhone 6, in which you may insert your old Gameboy cartridges and play with the comfort of a sexy high-quality screen.

For those of you crying and clutching your Android and Window gadgets, feel free to wipe those tears immediately. Hyperkin's product developer Chris Gallizzi stated that they are also futzing with Android and Windows handsets as well.

No more low quality screens.
No more low quality screens.

They don't quite have a release date yet, but don't fret. The SmartBoy will be complete with phenomenal features, including an 8-way D-pad, start and select buttons, as well as two action buttons. Also included is a built-in battery for prolonged sessions of playing, and it will run through an app that contains a cheat database and save states.

Gallizzi's main goal is to bring a modern twist to an old retro relic, and with this add-on accessory, Nintendo fans will most definitely be able to live like its 1995!


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