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I'm not a huge porn guy, but I have seen my fair share. The fact is, the porn industry is very strange... a lot of people make a name for themselves in themed porn or gimmicky porn. Or their "acting" is just so good that they constantly get calls for new "roles".

Well, in this case, we have some porn stars who could probably make a killing doing fake celebrity sex tapes - the reason being, they look strikingly similar to some real-life celebs.

1 - Blake Lively looks pretty much just like Hayley-Marie Coppin

2 - She put some effort into it, but Miley May and Miley Cyrus look just alike

3 - Evanna Lynch and Dasha B look the same-ish

4 - Robin Tunney and Suzy Sparks appear to have similar facial features

5 - Katy Perry and Sophie Dee are both hot and both look alike

6 - Amanda Seyfried and Aubrey Star... a good call?

7 - Hannah Murray and Lexi Belle have a similar kind of thing going on

8 - Famke Jenssen and Raven Lachence pulling off an old-lady look that works

9 - Molly C Quinn and Samantha Rone mos def look similar

10 - Olivia Wilde and Sophie Lynx are essentially the same person

11 - Lucy Lawless and Sadie West with that black hair killing it

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