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There are many signs that you are in the presence of a ghost. If you suddenly experience inexplicable heat or cold, if you feel as if someone is watching you, and if you hear strange knocks and scrapes in your house, there is a possibility that a ghost is near.

I personally remember falling asleep one night in my bunk bed as a kid and suddenly waking up in the middle of the night as I felt a hand run through my hair. I woke up instantly and shot up in my bed, only to see that no one was around and that my sister was fast asleep in the bottom bunk. Was it creepy? Yes. Do I think it was my grandfather? I sure hope so.

It comforts me to know that others have also felt a sudden burst of goosebumps, heard their name called out very faintly, or have even seen a shadow move out of the corner of their eyes. Below is a list of fellow "ghost hauntees."

1. The Hanging Cooper Family Ghost

Say cheese!
Say cheese!

In the 1950's, the Cooper's had just moved into an old house in Texas and wanted to preserve their exciting moment with a picture. Little did they know someone else was also interested in photobombing this joyous family's portrait.

2. Freddy Jackson And His Squadron

This is a photo taken of Sir Victor Goddard's squadron, which had served in WWI. Freddy Jackson was an air mechanic that had died in an airplane propeller accident. His funeral was being held on the day that this very picture was taken, so it is very strange to see him posted behind his buddy. Perhaps he was dropping by to let his squadron know he was there with them in spirit.

3. Amityville Horror Ghost

We all know the infamous story of the Amityville Horror, in which Ronald DeFeao Jr. killed his father, brothers, and sister in 1974 by suffocating them with a pillow and then shooting them while they slept. The house on Ocean Ave. was then bought by Kathy and George Lutz, who claimed they constantly saw green slime oozing from key holes and spirits openly gazing at them from bedroom windows. Fed up with the doom and gloom, the Lutz's finally moved out and had investigators perform a thorough inspection of the house, in which they caught this image of a little boy poking his head out of a room.

4. Dr. Demon

Nurse, bring me his file!
Nurse, bring me his file!

A nurse supposedly caught this image from the surveillance camera at a hospital, in which a demon is crouched while he stands on top of a patient. The patient then died a few hours later. Apparently, demonic figures appearing at hospitals is a pretty common phenomenon, as they wait for the next soul to pass on, so they may drag them down to hell with them.

5. The Ghost of Worstead Church in Norfolk, UK

Can I get an "Amen?"
Can I get an "Amen?"

In 1975, a couple and their son visited the Worstead Church. The husband Peter took a picture of his wife Diane while she prayed on a church bench. After the family had the picture developed, they noticed this white lady sitting behind Diane. They brought the picture back to the church, where Reverend Pittet told the family about the White Lady, who makes her presence known when she feels a person is in need of healing. Diane then remembered she had been feeling intensely sick and was taking potent antibiotics during the time of this photo.

6. Backseat Ghost Rider

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery visited her mother's grave. Afterwards, she snapped a photo of her husband waiting for her in the car. When they developed the photo, they noticed Mabel's mother in the backseat, ready for a ride around the town.

7. The Ghosts of the Tulip Staircase

An elderly couple visited the famously haunted Canadian Queen's house in 1966. The old man captured this photo and his wife claims there was nobody around when he snapped this shot. Besides, the staircase also contained a "No Admittance" sign, but I supposed this doesn't apply to spirits in any way.

8. The Ghost of Borley Rectory

Nearing the river Stour in Essex, the Borley Rectory used to be known as the most haunted house in the UK, but was then strangely burnt down in 1939. Between 1930-1935, Lionel and Marianne Foyster owned the house and claimed to have experienced over two thousand instances of Poltergeist activity. This is a picture of the ghost walking in the field.

9. Ghost, The Gripper

In 2000, two women were enjoying a walk one warm night in Manilla, Republic of the Philippines. Using one of the girl's cell phone's camera, they asked a stranger to snap the photo, only to find a third party in the photo enjoying the gorgeous night right along with them.

Some spirits take your soul, others heal, and it seems a vast majority of them enjoy photobombing pictures. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these pictures definitely make us consider the possibility that the dead could walk among us.


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