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Robin Shields

When the original Ghostbuster movie came out in 1984 there was only one show on that had dealt with the ghosts. In Search of... was a television series that was broadcast weekly from 1977 to 1982, devoted to mysterious phenomena, including the paranormal. Next came Sightings in the 1990s, and MTVs Fear in 2000. Most Haunted began in 2002 and was the forerunner for the reality ghost-hunting shows we know today. Now there is Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Stalkers, The Haunted, A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, Ghost Encounters, When Ghosts Attack and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the movies based however loosely on actual hauntings.

In other words, we have been inundated with ghost hunting shows for the better part of a decade now making us pretty savy about any equipment used to detect or communicate with ghosts. Hell, most websites carry a beginners ghost hunting kit you can buy. Will the new [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) movies have updated equipment that is actually used by ghost hunters today? Let’s face it, the old PKE meter will have to be updated. If they use the Ghost Box we could hear Slimer or the Library Lady talk! Will they be strictly dedicated to the scientific? Or, will they use a psychic? Based on the first two movies, I wonder what scenario they will fall back on. A dusty old Biblical era God or a dark ages King using the occult to return? Either way, they will be looking to take over the world and the GB will ride in on their humming proton packs (hmmm, maybe I just discovered the reason for the female version? Sorry I digressed) to save the day.

Regardless, of the movie plots, and whether it is an all female or all male cast, it will be interesting to see how they update the equipment to match what is used in modern day ghost hunting. Will we be too jaded by all the information in the reality shows to ever really embrace the sequels? These movies definitely have their work cut out for them.


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