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You all know him for creating one of the dopest fan-arts, Boss Logic has done it once again and created an incredible piece of art featuring the Arrow actor Stephen Amell, this comes from an announcement made a few days ago that the actor would play the vigilante Casey Jones in the TMNT sequel.

Let me give you a hint about who Casey Jones is incase you dont know him;

Arnold Bernid "Casey" Jones is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, like the turtles, Casey Jones is a vigilante, and was created as a parody of vigilante characters that were in comics. Casey has long, dark hair, wears a hockey mask and sometimes cut-off biking gloves, and carries his weapons in a golf bag over his shoulder.
His weapons include baseball bats, golf clubs, cricket bats, and hockey sticks. He is a master of stealth, as he has never been caught by the NYPD despite his bizarre appearance. In most installments, he becomes a love interest of April O'Neil.

Is is how he will look like in the sequel?well we will have to find out son when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 hits theaters June 3, 2016.


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