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I would love to say that I have been along for the ride with the Walking Dead since Rick's eyes first popped open in that Atlanta hospital way back in season one, episode one. But alas I admit that I was on the fence about the AMC zombie drama and passed on it for quite some time. It wasn't until I did a 48 hour Netflix binge of all of the first three seasons that I got hooked like a "walker" trying to navigate his way through barbed wire.

Now I am a card carrying member of the "Rick Grimes New World Order" and can not function without my weekly fix of this crimson splattered undead hit. An addiction that will be all that more easy to sustain now that the off-seasons will be filled with added end of days fun thanks to the spin off, "Fear of the Walking Dead". A terrible title that for some reason makes me think of the "Fast & Furious" franchise, as if the next spin off Dead series might be titled "Fury of the Walking Dead" or "2 Dead, 2 Furious", but if it means more Dead then I am in.

The show to me strikes the perfect balance between fantasy, action, heroism and drama. [The Walking Dead](series:201193) is not just about over the top zombie head shots, resourceful DYI weapon selections and the morbid death watch of your favorite characters, its about people. People we can all connect with if we were thrust into the same unimaginable future. And what keeps us watching is not just the action of each weekly adventure but the stories behind each character and what they were BZ (Before Zombies) and where they are headed next.

So where are they headed next? Last week's season finale set the table perfectly for what will most likely be another stellar season. The "Wolves" and our long lost friend Morgan kicked things off literally like an old episode of Keith Caradine's "Kung Fu". Sasha continued to show signs of "Cray Cray" syndrome. Carol has made a case to be a bad ass post apocalyptic Martha Stewart. Glenn made millions of viewers hearts stop and restart like a Yo-Yo multiple times. And Rick M-Fing Grimes ended the whole sha-bang as only he can leaving us with mouths ajar and fists firmly in the air saying "I need more!"

So what of Season 6? What are your hopes for next season? What are your fears? Just to get things started here are mine...

HOPE: Carl keeps his pimp hand strong.

We have seen young Master Grimes grow right before our eyes and no one has had to go through more then the youngest member of the survivor's group. Puberty is a big enough bitch on its own but pile on a world filled with dead heads, the death and resurrection of his father, having to kill his own mother and getting his first kill before his first kiss and man that is a whole lot to handle for poor Carl. So with that being said, no one deserves a little bit of happiness more then him. Hopefully Enid is what she appears and becomes the bit of sunshine Carl deserves.

FEAR: Daryl looses his bad ass biker card.

Daryl Dixon has had a lot of inner turmoil after the death of his brother and kindred spirit Beth. He has also struggled with the transition to Alexandria. This has made him seem to be very uncomfortable within the group and more recluse. Not having Daryl at Rick's right hand seems as unsettling as Kirk without Spock (RIP Leonard Nemoy). Female fans may enjoy a sensitive Mr. Dixon but we all know what really revs our Harley's is when that cross bow is working overtime and Daryl is kicking ass.

Hope: More cookies from Carol!

If the WD crew was a basketball team Carol would win a big gold trophy for "most improved player". From domestic abuse victim, to Survival Jedi Padawan, to the knife wielding, cookie backing queen of the Survivor Camp, Carol has really stepped up her game. If this was a reality show where people get voted off the island, this Carol would be front and center at the final tribal council. Carol has been at the top of my "who might die next list" for awhile but now I hope her date with death gets a long rain check.

Fear: Glen gets his due.

Just as many people have bet on a Glen death scene this season as people have bet on Kentucky to win the NCAA tournament. Come on people, you know you love him and if his time is truly drawing near then let it just happen already! The "is he gonna die or isn't he gonna die" back and forth last week was brutal. I am glad to see him survive, especially since it would be absolute crap to see him taken out by that scum bag Michael of all people. If Season Six is his last then give him the send off his character deserves.

Hope: Morgan saved Rick, Rick saved Morgan, so it's Morgan's turn again.

Simply put, our hero is not the guy he has been in seasons past. Not so much the Evil Rick of previous episodes or the Crazy Rick of other seasons, Rick still has become something of a wild card as of late. I truly think that there is still no one else I would follow in or out of Alexandria, so I am hoping the reemergence of his long lost buddy Morgan will once again restore him to the man he was.

Fear: The story of the evil to come has already been told.

I realize that our love for the WD stems from our attachment to the people we have come to know on this show. But I also realize that without loss and adversity there would be no show at all. Current events and reports from so called insiders point to the introduction of bigger and badder adversaries next season. And my fear is that if the story arc follows that of the comics our hearts will all surely be broken next fall many times. The Wolves, who are an adaption of a couple gangs from the books, and the possible coming of the man known as Negan surely spell disaster for Rick and Co if it follows the comic storyline.

I both look forward to and fear what is to come for the Walking Dead. But like you I am sure, I will be glued to my couch ready to watch every last second. Adios Amigos!


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