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The newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting closer and closer, and my excitement is only growing more and more. Several television spots and trailers have been released, which gives us a pretty good taste of the plot and characters. However, even with all that we've seen, a few questions still remain.

What Is Klaw Doing?

When you are teasing such a monumentally anticipated film such as Age of Ultron, you have to pick and choose which scenes you include in the trailers. So far, we have seen the standard fight-scenes, the introduction of new characters, and the teasing of Ultron's many forms. A rather odd inclusion in the trailers is Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaw.

Klaw is a villain of both the Fantastic Four and Black Panther. Well, Marvel doesn't have the rights for the Fantastic Four, and Black Panther isn't showing up at least until the Civil War, so what is Klaw doing. Do you see that gun in his hand? What is he planning on using it for, and how does he fit into the Ultron story?

Where Is Vision?

I was ecstatic when I saw Vision rear up and open his eyes in the third trailer, but when my excitement subsided, I stopped to really think about it. Vision has been kept in the shadows for a while, and it's pretty clear that he's going to play a major role in the film, but why is he always missing from all the big scenes?

In the comics, Ultron created Vision in order to fight the Avengers. Instead, Vision turns on his master and fights alongside the Avengers. This seems pretty likely to happen in the movie in some form or fashion, and many have theorized that Vision gives his life to end Ultron. While I hope that doesn't happen, I do hope that Vision gets a reasonable amount of screen-time, especially because out of three trailers and multiple TV spots, we only get a two-second peek of him opening his eyes.

Why Is The Staff So Important?

One of the constants of the trailers is Loki's staff, which played a major part in the first Avengers movie. Popular theory is that that shiny blue gem is in fact the mind gem, and that may be of some import in the upcoming sequel. Whether or not this is true, it seems like it is going to make a big difference in the movie.

When Tony picks up the staff, it seems as if he just realized something. It could be that the staff is the key to bringing life to the Ultron program, or it might be the key to bringing him down.

Who Is This?

I've been asking this question since the first trailer, and it has yet to be answered. She seems to be standing before a pool of water that looks suspiciously like the pool Thor flails about in angrily.

I've heard of two possible and incredibly likely theories as to both the identity of the woman, and the location that she's in. The first is that she is the Black Panther's sister Shuri, and that she is standing in a vibranium mine. This is likely, seeing as it is highly speculated that Ultron ends up remodeling himself with the rare ore that composes Cap's shield. Unfortunately, it seems ultimately unlikely, considering Thor's inclusion in the location.

The second theory, and possibly my favorite, is that the woman is Hela, and the location is the Asgardian underworld. This would not only explain why Thor is there, but it would confirm the popular suspicion that Thor bites the dust in Age of Ultron, just to be resurrected to fight in Thor: Ragnarok.

This would also explain the scene where Thor is fighting Ultron, seemingly alone in a place that doesn't look a whole lot like Earth. Ultron could kill Thor here, while Thor is off-world, and Thor could then be incapacitated until his next movie. This would also explain why Chris Hemsworth has yet to be cast in Captain America: Civil War.

If you guys have missed any of the trailers, check them out here:

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