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After the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series is probably gonna be a smash hit with fans and binge watchers alike, showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has expressed serious interest in creating a spin-off of The Punisher. The Daredevil series will start off a 60 episode mini-series of "The Defenders" that also includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. This is without any planned second seasons, spin-offs or spiritual sequels.

Steven S. DeKnight spoke out his opinions about the potential of a Punisher spin-off to SciFiNow :

"I’ve been a huge fan of the Punisher comics for years. I’d love to see him get his due on a platform like this. Nothing would delight me more than to see the Punisher get his own show and maybe we could convince Marvel to go Hard-R rating. If any character deserves an R rating, it’s the Punisher"

Punisher was recently reverted back to Marvel Studios along with other favorite heroes such as Ghost Rider and Marvel has been trying to find a hook to include it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with the growing success of Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Phase 3 planned all the way into the year 2020, it might be time that Punisher get his live-action due.

Could this mean that Frank Castle could be making a guest appearance or cameo on the Daredevil series? Is Marvel is ready for a hard R rated project? Hopefully we'll find out April 10th.

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