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Robin Shields

Last night was the final episode of The Slap. It was a very thought and emotion provoking ending. Overall, the series is well written and has a wonderful cast.

The mini series revolves around a group of family and friends that had gathered for a 40th birthday party. It was a pretty typical casual party with food and drink, probably too much drink. During the course of the party a misbehaving five year old boy was slapped by a hot headed party goer. This slap became the catalyst for many of the group’s dirty little secrets coming out into the light of day.

Each episode focused on an individual character. Until the finale, the characters had all been wrapped up in their individual lives with a mission to make sure they were in the right, no matter what. Both parties were certain they were the righteous victim in the situation and by God they were going to prove their case. No matter whom they hurt along the way.

Initially, the case didn’t have the strength it needed to realistically hope for a conviction because it boiled down to one person’s word against the other. However, there was a young photographer that was at the party taking pictures.

Both parties learned of the pictures and soon this poor young photographer became the focus of both the prosecution and the defense. One wanted to use him to prove the slap was a vicious attack on a poor little boy. The other launched a personal attack on the young man, dredging up a wealth of pain and suffering that had involved a failed suicide attempt, changing his name and his family moving to escape the bullying. Whether, good, bad, or indifferent, the young man deleted the pictures.

If being reminded of the pain and suffering were not enough, now thanks to the prosecution, there was a whole new round of bullying and cruelty that was in play, leading to another suicide attempt. He survived and his testimony at the trial became the pivot point for the judges ruling. He testified that he deleted the pictures because they were of people he loved engaged in activity they would not be proud of. Expressions and attitudes changed greatly as he listed the reasons. The Judge's ruling was more than just.

The series is well worth watching.


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