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Matt B

Hey everyone, so I know I haven't written in a while but I hope this team of villians can someday get some adaptation or recognition in the MCU. So with the arrival of Suicide Squad coming as the one of the first films I the "DC Movie Universe ", Marvel should be thinking. They should be thinking about the possibility of making films solely around villians. I am talking about one team.

The Masters of Evil. This team of supervillians was created to fight the Avengers. The team was formed by the original Baron Zemo. He selected each villian to fight one Avenger based on his or her powers. This team has had many new members and leaders. And with the arrival of Ultron coming in May, could this team be formed in the MCU? !

Ultron, he is going to tear the Avengers apart in the next film, but he doesn't have to be destroyed in this film. In the comics, the second leader of the Masters of Evil was Ultron. He took the mantle after Zemo died. Now this is kind of a stretch, but it is rumored that Daniel Burhl will be playing Helmut Zemo in Captain America : Civil War, so if he is beaten or killed in this film, could the robot menace taje control of his team. If this team was brought to the MCU, fans would rejoice if they got an individual or main antagonist film based around them.

So that's that. What do you think, could The Masters of Evil be on their way in Civil War, or could an individual film be on the way in Phase 4?! Long Live Marvel.


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